David and Victoria Beckham at an Event in December

©BAKOUNINE / Shutterstock.com

life in the spotlight is probably the game without a doubt anything other than a children’s. Then, for example, when all the world is speculating about their relationship as it is since some time also in Victoria (44) and David Beckham (43) of the case. As in the network rumors in the past months, again and again, the round that the marriage of the two Stars could. However, the designer now, in an Interview with the British “Guardian” position.

“It can be quite frustrating,” says Beckham, in reference to the many rumors. “But I’ll leave that to my PR Team. I think I’m out of there.” According to the designer, “people believe everything you read – and if this is completely made up, then that’s really annoying.”

David says is a very good cook

Victoria Beckham, how much her husband David to help. So they could take care of your fashion, take the kids to school, help with homework, cook dinner and even dinner. You’ll never cook. “In the past, when we lived in Spain since I’ve cooked a lot. Today, I tend to come home late”, which is why the food would then be too late to the table. But not to worry: “David is a really good cook.”

The Beckhams are married since the summer of 1999 and have four children: Brooklyn (19), Romeo (16), Cruz (13), and Harper (7).