actress Jessica Biel swears by the Paleo diet

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lose those pesky Christmas pounds again as quickly as possible, is always one of the most cherished resolutions for the new year. We have taken three of the most popular diets under the microscope and reveal what you really…

do not want to take off The Clean-Eating-diet

After the gluttony in December, many only, but also the body to detoxify and re-eat. Clean Eating is in this case the foreign exchange! Stars such as Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba or Miranda Kerr swear on the method. And the diet is also a clean thing, because it is, in principle, only to abandon the use of preservatives and other additives.

Empty calories such as white flour or sugar to fly out of the dining plan. Coffee and alcohol are not expressly prohibited, but should be, if at all, only in a small degree consumed. Instead of the big three a total of five to six smaller meals to be eaten every day.

Thus, the metabolism is in the morning boost, start the day with a healthy Breakfast, like Overnight Oats or whole grain rye bread with Avocado. For lunch and dinner, the culinary creativity knows no bounds, so long as the combination is just right: vegetables, grains, protein. Best you grab the seasonal vegetables, and combined this with Quinoa, whole grain rice, spelt, fruits, whole-grain, millet or sleeve.

Also on fish, lean poultry and beef must not be omitted. It is only important that it is organic and for the preparation of only cold pressed vegetable oil is used. With regard to between meals, so you must grab in addition to fruits and vegetables to nuts.


While the Clean-Eating-to-understand diet rather than a long-term change in Diet, however, you lose alone through the waiver of the usual Suspects, a few extra pounds. In addition, the method is ideal to sharpen after the holidays and again be diet awareness of.

The Paleo diet

Currently all the rage in Hollywood including Megan Fox, Jessica Biel and Uma Thurman: the Paleo diet. Eat like in the stone age. The Paleo method assumes that the ideal diet is based on ingredients and preparation, there has always been, and are, therefore, created by Evolution for the digestive apparatus of the humans.

basically, this means: regional meat (preferably Wild game), fish and seasonal fruit and vegetables. Add eggs, unprocessed nuts and seeds, and healthy fats. No need to miss actually, all dairy products and processed cereals. Alcohol and sugar are not allowed in the Paleo diet, of course.


The Paleo diet is suitable for meat lovers looking for a healthy diet and according to a lot of money to spend on it. Also Allergy sufferers swear by the gluten-free Paleo diet. By avoiding additives, sugar, dairy products and alcohol you lose in the first 30 days of the Paleo diet quickly to weight, then it is important to keep this. As is the case with the Clean-Eating diet it is Paleo to a permanent change of diet.

The metabolic diet

Here is the Name of the program – it’s about the metabolism boost! This metabolism diets based on the Low – or No-Carb diet, and accordingly achieve quick successes. It’s protein, vegetables and selected fruits eaten, which are usually distributed on three meals with five hour interval of the day are mainly. Carbohydrates are largely taboo or, depending on the program, about 50 grams of the day limited.

In the ideal case, you burn with metabolism diets more calories than you eat. In this way, the body attacks the fat and melt the pounds just then. Among the most well-known metabolic diets Metabolic Balance” or the “blood group diet””. Both are based on a rigorous, three-week diet plan with the construction phase.


By avoiding carbohydrates decreases quickly and effectively without losing muscle mass. Who zulangt then in terms of carbs properly, however, expect a fast yo-Yo effect. In addition, a protein diet can lead to metabolic disorders – this is especially true for people with kidney problems, Diabetes, or cardiovascular disorders. Also for vegetarians the metabolic diets are not suitable because the diet plans are based on recipes with animal proteins.