Tribune. If the school inequalities are the subject of a rich research, inequalities in terms of educational guidance are few updates in before. However, the inequalities in the capacity to build and to choose his course are real. There is a much greater actor of his orientation when one is a good student, because it is based on the academic results. The best students will have access to the best courses that lead to jobs the most attractive.

conversely, poor academic achievement, will progressively switch to the ” bad ” students of the status of subject to that of object orientation, relegated to the pathways and occupations that are less valued. Thus, the orientation is experienced as an injury by those who feel bereft of choice in a society of so-called “meritocratic” where everyone is responsible for their own success.

That the best places of the company are reserved for good students who have demonstrated their merit, it may seem justified. But look more closely, integrating the contributions of the sociology of education on the (very) relative equality of opportunity, it is not that much. The ranking of school seals, too fast and too strong, the fate of professional and social people. Our referral system is not catastrophic, but it is, like the whole of our school system, the more favorable for the minority of students who are successful in the academic subjects and for those who have qualities less school.

To move towards a more fair, here are some thoughts from the Day of the refusal of school failure 2018, organized on 19 September by the Association of the foundation students for the city (AFEV) and its partners.

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