He is co-editor of the weekly newspaper “die Zeit”, author and Moderator: When Josef Joffe on 24. March interviewed in Hamburg at the “time”program, as planned, the tübingen Lord mayor Boris Palmer Tübingen, is likely to be this belligerent guest according to his taste.

Him, driving the desire for intellectual discourse, wrote a journalist about Joffe on may 15. March his 75. Celebrates birthday. “Hold is always a good intellectual manners. You don’t want to cry out of pure vanity, we journalists are abundantly blessed with the wolves”, is quoted by the enterprising and self-combative Joffe.

The publicist, 1944 in Lodz born and raised in Berlin, was already as a student journalist. Prior to his media career, Joffe graduated in the US, a study of the Economics, politics and philosophy and earned a doctorate at Harvard University. Prestigious US universities have been changing with the tasks at “The time” in Hamburg as well as the “süddeutsche Zeitung” (1995-2000) his second home. Since the turn of the Millennium, Joffe belongs to the editor-Board of the weekly newspaper, with an intermediate stage in the editor-in-chief.

Because the weekly lost in the 90s edition, should Joffe with Ex-state Minister for culture Michael Naumann, both of 2001 to bring temporary editors – in-chief-the newspaper on the course. What was back to black. Today, the weekly newspaper with Giovanni di Lorenzo, editor-in-chief has a circulation of well 505.000 copies.

Joffe was “rich in education, urban knowledge and sparkling wit” and be brilliant as a “history and story writer with the militant tolerance”, held in 1998, the literary critic Hellmut Karasek (1934-2015), as Joffe Ludwig-Börne-prize. Also, the Theodor-Wolff award and the Scopus Award from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for the dedication Joffe for the TRANS-Atlantic dialogue between America and Germany to decorate his Vita.

Less successful had the editors of 2017 before the court: comedian of the ZDF-show “The institution” had criticised the media representatives for their Connections to certain organizations that deal with security policy. Joffe saw a – from his point of view – in the Detail, a false representation made. The Federal court of justice ruled that cabaret would not have to justify the content of their contributions, up to the smallest Detail.

“Josef Joffe’s comments and books are always sharp-tongued, often with humor, irony and underpinned by a certain penchant for sarcasm coined,” says the Director of the center for applied policy research, University of Munich, Professor Werner Weidenfeld. He has Joffe’s most recent book, “The good German. The career of a moral superpower.” (2018) in the “süddeutsche Zeitung” reviewed. “The composition of the book is that of a formation novel with autobiographical traits.”