if you want to celebrate carnival, of course, needs a disguise. But: It must not always be the expensive costume from the store. Often you already have the Basics for a beautiful trim in the closet. You can spice it up a little and then into the crowds without much effort.

idea 1: athletes

Many of us have a Jogging suit, a football Jersey or other sports apparel in the closet. Perfect for Last-Minute-carnival costume! In the fifth Season, you can overdo it like anything: The soccer Jersey can be like a little dirty, sweat bands, soccer shoes and the Ball terminals under the Arm. Or it borrows from the old-school Jogger of the parents or Relatives – and the eye-catching trim!

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idea 2: spirit

Who has no desire for anything Elaborate, it can also just as the spirit of carnival to go. Only an old bed sheet in the right size, with eyes cut into it and you’ve got a costume. You need to get to hair and co. any thoughts.

idea 3: Agent

if you would like to make as an Agent, carnival celebrations unsafe, you need to dig for it in the Cabinet: black top, black leather jacket, black leather pants, black gloves and dark sunglasses. But almost everyone in the Cabinet, and as a cladding directly.

idea 4: Hippie

but It is also in color: A colorful patterned skirt, a colorful tie or similar a few have a safe in the closet. This results in a carnival can be quite easy costume to make. The colorful pieces are easy to with Parts made from Jeans, fringe, round sunglasses and a headband combine, who also has jewelry with Peace signs, flowers or the like. Ready is the Hippie Look for the carnival party.

idea 5: grandma/grandpa

For this costume, you can pay the grandparents a visit, and quite fond of, ask if you can rummage in the wardrobe. Corduroy pants and co. are, of course, particularly well. The old-school clothing with accessories such as a pair of glasses with thick lenses, or, optionally, curlers, spice up and you are ready for the carnival.

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idea 6: gender swap

costumes of carnival

carnival: The revelers dress up

be especially easy, it is, of course, if simply in the wardrobe with your partner or friends and as the other gender in disguise. Men pull a dress and tights, women can get a suit and tie and have a costume for carnival. That’s all it needs.

idea 7: cat

this costume is not that difficult: You can dress even in the normal, at the end of a wool jacket, – if it has cat ears or tinkering with them is a Haarrreif and two fabric triangles themselves, and the hairs painted into the face. And much more important than the perfect costume, the fun is anyway!