The pleasure of driving “green” – or “technological” – not enough to convince the public to opt for an electric car. The stakeholders invited by The World to discuss the 3 October in the framework of the motor World have recognized : without the pleasure of driving, the vehicles “zero emission” would be very difficult to find a buyer. From this point of view, the electric vehicle does not lack assets. It offers a driving experience that is unanimously appreciated. The transition involved to the own vehicle also seems to add an electric touch to the employees of the automobile.

“This is the first thing that we tell the users of Zoe : they love to move to the edge of their car,” pointed out Eric Feunteun, director of the program electric Renault. “This model, he insisted, is the one that raises the rate of recommendation is the highest across the whole of our range. “” What we need to put in before, it is the side of “fun”. Moreover, our customers who are driving this kind of vehicle have the greatest difficulty to come back. They became the best ambassadors of the brand, ” confirmed Lionel French-Keogh, managing director of Hyundai-France.

The transition involved to the own vehicle also seems to add an electric touch to the employees of the automobile. “All the employees are aware that it is about inventing a future that does not exist in introducing radical changes. Of where the field is noticeable, especially among the young, ” observed Michel Forissier, director of the research and development of the pole production system at Valeo. The group will be recruited in two years, ” 1 to 100 electricians, mainly in France “.

The converts are in the country

Even a manufacturer like Jaguar, which comes to market I-Pace electric is arrested. “Initially, it was a question of launching a Range-Rover electric but, quickly, we have fought for whether it’s a Jaguar. Today, this allows to give a new impetus to the brand, ” testified Steven De Ploey, director of Jaguar-Land Rover-France. “At the bottom, which is exciting, it is the uncertainty of the outcome of technological final. At Hyundai, the teams dedicated to the various technical solutions – battery, hybrid, fuel cell – defend tooth and nail their solution, even if sometimes demonstrate a little bit of bad faith “, is amused Lionel French-Keogh.

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Which are converted to electric ? Not more than 15 % of the owners of a Renault Zoe reside in the city center. Others live in large suburban (35 %) and, in their majority, live in the countryside. The uses that they make of their vehicle – more than 10 000 km per year or even more – focus of the daily trips of several tens of kilometers, well below the capacity of the batteries. The question of the maximum distance that can be travelled, so this would not be so central that it cannot be said ? “To reassure consumers, to develop cars with a high degree of autonomy, so expensive considering the cost of the batteries. In the future, it will be necessary to propose models with a range much smaller, but more affordable and adapted to the reality of usage “, said the boss of Hyundai-France. Not without conceding that such speech ” is, today, difficult to hear “.

to widen access to the electric car, remains to refine the mesh stations, public charging and unify finally access that, at the present time, requires a multitude of subscriptions. Finally, according to the participants, put the electric car within the reach of the greatest number is also required to enforce the law which prevents a trustee to prohibit the installation of a jack in the parking lot of an apartment building.