A “small pause for thought,” the British journalist Anne McElvoy called to Wait for the next round in the Brexit-clutter. The vote on whether next Tuesday the new Deal from Theresa May is to be accepted, or it comes to a “No Deal”, because it kind of extortion. But now would be at least thinking about both sides a little time. Not that it would not have been given in the last two years, enough time for it. But, the ZDF correspondent Stefan stressed Leifert, if it helps for decision-making, the EU was to “all kinds of diplomatic contortions”.

How, exactly, these contortions, however, to appearance, remained unclear. The journalist asked, exactly how the Video switching British MP Greg Hands, that the EU needs to improve the Deal. What are the improvements exactly where necessary, which remained largely open. And so it is not the talk show-Watching is not much different than Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, asked in the round, what exactly should change as well. It is all open and the nerves are at least tense.

Must be submitted to the EU on the British?

McElvoy, from the conservative and eurosceptic Economist claimed that the tone of the EU would have to change to the British. And that the “one size fits all” demands that the EU to all member States, must be softened. Graf Lambsdorff agreed with her. They accused the European Union have in the last two years, “little” is learned and not made it clear that the UK wants. In their eyes the point of no Return for staying in the EU.

a guest in “Maybritt Illner” were:

Anne McElvoy, a British journalist for “The Economist”

Susanne Schmidt, economist and financial journalist

Derek Scally, correspondent of the “Irish Times” in Berlin

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff (FDP), Vice-Chairman with responsibility for Foreign and European Affairs

Dietrich of pits, Entrepreneurs

Free and less to EU rules bound TV-criticism

“Maybrit Illner” to transport

Habeck hits Scheuer: driving bans between “green nonsense” and “ideological limits”

If there is no Deal with the EU, then the, Hands is a “danger for democracy”. The economic damage would, however, talked to little, Susanne Schmidt. Anne McElvoy held, however, that no one wants to economically faring worse, but that people outside of London would continue with your request after the Brexit. The British want to feel free and less rules from the EU bound. Therefore, McElvoy, you would expect that the politicians will implement the will of the people was shown by the Referendum. In their eyes, the idea that the Brexit does not take place is, therefore, completely absurd. The will of the British either to withdraw from the EU.

Warm up, you could, but for the idea that a third party Deal is accepted, because a disorderly Brexit would be “catastrophic”. This Chaos would want to avoid a lot of British, and therefore an exit from the European Union until the middle/end of may this year prefer.

British> request

That move comes in the vote, in favour of said switching members Hands. On the first pass, he would have voted with no, yesterday Yes. The EU should move a little more, then the Deal would be safe.

How these concessions should look like, which remained more or less open.

TV review

“Maybrit Illner”

“Man is born in a Clan and has no choice”

The Irishman Derek Scally on the other hand was very specific. He wished that the conflict between Northern Ireland and Ireland comes more into focus, in his opinion, more should be for the peace done.

the proposal by Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, that Northern Ireland would be geopolitically as the external border of the EU, rejected McElvoy decided. And revealed once again how hardened the fronts in the debate are.

Comes from a Brexit Deal?

All of the pages trying to find in this Situation an agreement, but it noted in “Maybritt Illner”: Slow fatigue sets in on this issue. The Irish Journalist Derek Scally has compared the threat of a Brexit with a “residential community from hell.” In his opinion the British should take off “and your Butter out of the European fridge.” The British were missing in the European Union, but it is not as if they had suddenly disappeared. There are only new ways must be found to deal with each other. Anne McElvoy looked optimistic for the coming week. She hopes that the Deal comes through. And if not, then, that it is at least a step forward. Even if it is for small steps actually already a little late.