Hidden cameras have been scanned at a concert of the American singer Taylor Swift in may, the faces of visitors, in order to identify the Stalker. The recordings had been made secretly, while the Fans would have seen on a screen of Videos of the concert rehearsals, said the security expert Mike Downing of the music magazine “Rolling Stone” on Thursday. The expert working in a managerial function for a company that advises large concert halls such as Madison Square Garden in New York on security issues.

According to Downing, was, according to his own statement, in the case of the Swift-concert in the Californian city of Pasadena on the spot, sent the data to a control post in Nashville. There you have matched with a database of the faces of the hundreds of stalkers, the US singer are stored.

Taylor Swift: your Management has not commented on the allegations

Taylor Swift

Netflix shows soon, a whole concert of her


application to face recognition will be used at concerts and sporting events more and more often Critics are concerned about the impact. The technology is not perfect and could affect the Innocent, said Jay Stanley of the civil rights organization American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the British “Guardian”. It is doubtful also how the data collected will be handled, whether they would be saved or passed on.

According to a study by the Georgetown University from the year 2016, the faces of around 117 million people are already stored in databases. Swift’s Management has not responded to media inquiries about the allegations so far. the