Finally out from the Hotel Mama! That was the Motto of the “Who wants to be a millionaire?”-Special on Monday evening. Was a guest at Günther Jauch Norbert Pany from Munich. The 23-Year-old studying communication Sciences and commutes between Munich and Salzburg: In the case of the parents, he has a room and gets a monthly 800 euros pocket money. “Often you don’t have to pay something, because he comes again, on the rounds,” says his female companion.

But that should change with the appearance in the RTL show. Three jokers, he began to fall to under € 16,000. But until then, he should not come in the first place. Because as Günther Jauch, the 500 Euro was the question that came out of the nest stool is quite nice to Ponder. “Talk to the judges at the miss elections on the beautiful shackles of a candidate, then you mean the area between …? A: the ankle and calf, B: shoulder and clavicle, C: hip and navel or D: eyebrow and upper eyelid?

“Who wants to be a millionaire?”

candidate makes a friend on the phone marriage proposal – the a condition

There was a long Pause followed. Thoughtful the candidate stared at the screen, almost as if he hoped that in the future, the correct answer would appear. “Well, you look very carefully,” said Jauch. “I watch, very closely, Yes,” the Student repeated, quietly, without lifting the head.

Günther Jauch: “Are you still there?”

“What you look for in a woman first?” wanted to know Jauch of him and drew from him only an embarrassed Smile in the audience unanimously. “Of course, in the face,” he replied obediently.


Student Norbert Pany went to “Who wants to be a millionaire” with Zero Euro

©TVNOW Stefan Gregorowius

“The eyes,” said Jauch. “Shit,” muttered the visibly perplexed Student. “Are you still there?” Jauch asked, after his To continue without a word on the screen, staring. “I’m still here I’m still here … Oh God. “I’m afraid”, a hooked Jauch, finally, and wanted to advise him, apparently, a Joker. But finally blurted out to him: “We take the D!”

“Ah, we’ll take D. you Can show the time for yourself, where is that exactly then?” wanted to Jauch know. “I don’t know it. We now take d” But so that the nest stool was, unfortunately, wrong. The correct answer would have been A.

“So we have after a long time again a candidate, with zero euros,” said Jauch and tried to the candidates to cheer up: “This is devastating, of course, on the other hand, I can tell you, anyone who has ever sat in that should never come back. But there is an exception. From time to time, we make a Loose round. Since the turn of the Millennium get more of a Chance. Seen in this way, life is not for you yet.”


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