Rihanna had to do earlier with the stalkers

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A break-in and twelve hours stay at the estate of singer Rihanna (30, “Umbrella”) has to pay a Stalker now expensive. The 27-year-old man was convicted of, among other things, because of Stalkings, vandalism and resisting arrest to a five-year suspended sentence. As the Prosecutor’s office of Los Angeles announced that he is not allowed to approach the 30-Year-old also ten years. In addition to this, the man from California, for three months, must wear a monitoring device on his body and a program for the mentally Ill attend. The 27-Year-old violates parole, threatens a prison sentence of nearly five years.

The Stalker was on 9. May 2018 penetrated into Rihanna’s mansion in the Hollywood Hills. There, he stayed for around twelve hours before he was discovered by an assistant, as he grabbed his bag and his cell phone charged. The singer was at a Launch Party their first lingerie line in New York. The perpetrator told police at the time, that he wanted to be with Rihanna Sex, and that’s why in your house. Weeks in advance he will be in a building in the neighborhood broke in, because he was already in Rihanna’s house.