“sports show”-presenter Gerhard Delling will stop in may of 2019, in the case of the ARD. “I want to know after so many years, now New, want me to try, want to learn a lot,” said the 59-Year-old the “Bild”newspaper. Delling wants to write even a book and thinks about the development of a football App.

Since 1987, Delling hosted the “sports show”. He is considered one of the most prominent reporters of the ARD, alone, for twelve years, he was a Co-presenter Günter Netzer to major football events to broadcast. In the year 2000, both were awarded with the Adolf-Grimme-award.

Delling and Netzer were mainly for their dialogues, which led them to play during the Transfers of soccer countries (“Delling, have you gone completely insane?”). The MIRROR had collected some of the quotes already in 2011.