Fifty-six of the figures right and the extreme right have lent their support to the action of the activists of Generation identity (GI), in a column published on the site of the current Values Wednesday, October 17.

The 5 October, 22 activists of the right-wing movement IM brutally broke into the headquarters of the NGO SOS Mediterranean to Marseille and deployed a banner accusing SOS Mediterranean to be ” complicit in the trafficking of human beings “. On 7 October, the activists have been indicted and placed under judicial control for ” violence in a meeting “, ” sequestration “, “participation in a group to commit violence” and ” recording and dissemination of violent images “.

“Hard policy”

” We support the 22 in Marseille. We call for the abandonment of the charges against them. We call for a parliamentary investigation into SOS Mediterranean, and the receivership of his ship, the Aquarius, ‘ write the 56 personalities, among them the deputy of the national Gathering (ex-FN) Louis Aliot, the former minister of The Republican Thierry Mariani, former minister and support of François Fillon Charles Millon, or the essayist Alain de Benoist.

” The occupation of the premises of SOS Mediterranean was conducted in a peaceful manner “, without ” breaking “, “sequestration” or ” hit “, say the signatories. “The repression against the activists of identity is the determination of policy and not of law “, they argue, calling it “harmful” actions of SOS Mediterranean, and considering that ” the great majority of the French refuse this mass immigration imposed “.

According to the director-general of SOS Mediterranean, Sophie Beautiful, October 5th, the staff of the NGO “has been assaulted, some-plated “and then” ejected by force from their desk “when others have been” retained “. Wednesday, SOS Mediterranean, has promised to attack with slander those who “criminalisaient” the actions of his rescue boat in the sea, Aquarius, passing on ” false information “.

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