As a Hollywood Star Meghan Markle knows, now Duchess of Sussex, the living in luxury. For an episode of their series “Suits” deserved it last about 50,000 dollars. Also, as a member of the English Royals, you, unlike your sister-in-law Kate, and value to Expensive, and Beautiful. While Kate often wears dresses of the rod (and hence regularly ensure that these Outfits are selling rapidly), Meghan fond of elegant Designer gowns that can not afford the guy.

Duchess Meghan

Special appearance at the Brit Awards


And so fond of the British Royal house have – when it comes to money, then you can watch it very critically. Finally, the citizens Finance their Royals and their Lifestyle. And as a matter-of-elegant Kate looks naturally more sympathetic than someone like Meghan who loves luxury. For displeasure provided, therefore, as the “Daily Mail” the account of the baby party, presented the Prince Harry’s wife in New York celebrated.

travel by private jet, to Party at luxury hotel

While others’ll meet at the end of mothers to this event with Friends a piece of cake, and plenty of diapers to buy, was extravagant this Event at the Duchess of Sussex actually something. The began by saying that she was in a private jet to New York and back again to fly. Alone the cost of 125,000 dollars per flight. The rent of the “Grand Penthouse Suite” in the luxury hotel The Mark, right on Central Park, where the Celebration took place. Should have good 75.000 dollars.

in Addition, Meghan while in your US has been accompanied Trips always two bodyguards – the cost 86.316 dollars. The cost for the delicious food that was offered to the guests, as well as decoration (and countless long-stemmed roses and Mandarin orange trees), and musical background of the Evening are listed here. For the latter example, the Harfinistin Erin Hill, whose Mindestgage is located at 625 dollars. All in all should have cost the Party thus approximately 420,000 dollars.

“straight out”, “vulgar”, “a disgrace” …

The expensive pleasure, is likely the 37-Year-old some sympathy have cost points. In the comment of the “Daily Mail” columns in any case, displeasure. “Vulgar display of money and Status,” it says, or: “you could, of course, have no little baby party … this woman is a massive embarrassment for the monarchy!” Others, however, taken the side of the mother-to-be and above-mentioned statements, according to which a friend of Meghan paid the expensive Hotel and the private jet Amal Clooney have heard, had to anyway to fly from New York to the UK. Whether that’s true or not, it would not hurt Meghan sure to learn a little bit of typical British Understatement.