“it was Suddenly as this always elegantly-dressed woman I’ve never seen in a tracksuit, in your hustle and bustle of apartment crazy on the road,” recalls Verona Pooth in an Interview with “Gala” at the beginnings of the dementia of her mother, Luisa, field Busch. For years, they have made a great deal of Worry, had been plagued by nightmares.

Absurd and mischievous situations,

Particularly the course you have, that its character as the disease progresses altered. Some of the situations seemed absurd, others vicious. So she said: “When we went to have lunch with her, she freaked the peas from the plate, or was constantly new Cutlery.” It Pooth’ve driven the tears in the eyes. She also tells you: “Once she has fished in a Restaurant, a Koi carp, the ornamental tanks and in her Gucci handbag put. She wanted to bring her grandson to San Diego to Laugh and provoke me. Fortunately, Franjo.”

“My mother loved him, always called him Angelo”

Verona husband have had easier access to his mother-in-law. “Franjo took it easy as she was, with all its quirks. He has been insanely patient. My mother loved him, always called him Angelo, that’s German for angel.” You’ve had out of sheer concern for her mother, always having nightmares again: “for Six years I have become every night wet with sweat guard. Franjo flicked on the light and tried to comfort me.” “Love, and especially Humor,” had helped her and Franjo in dealing with the disease. Even if it was not sometimes have been a Laugh.

Luisa Feldbusch died 2015

Finally, Verona brought her mother after a serious fall in a retirement residence: “When I visited you, stroking you with my Hand, and said: ‘Muchas gracias, it is so beautiful here.'” Luisa Feldbusch died in the year 2015.

source: “Gala”

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