An Egg makes Kylie Jenner recently competition


Kylie Jenner (21, “Keeping up with the Kardashians”) had been gouged out of an Egg! The Reality Star from the home of Jenner/Kardashian held a picture of her freshly born Baby Stormi clutching her thumb with his small fingers, yet the world record for the Instagram photo with the most Likes.

Quite aware of some of the fun birds entered under the name of “World Record Egg” on 4. January, however, and created a profile, only to see a picture of a filthy Egg. The Declaration of war: “Let us together set a world record and is the most popular image on Instagram. And the current world record of Kylie Jenner hit (18 million)! We can do this!”

And indeed, The action went viral and perhaps the most boring image of the Instagram universe gathered until now about 24.5 million Likes (as of Monday morning). Also, many Stars have clicked on “Like”, such as Lilly Becker (42), actress Maisie Williams (21, “Game of Thrones”), the daughter of Kurt Cobain, Francis Bean (26), and even Kylie Jenner personally.