Why was Michael Jackson in the Cameo appearance, really?


it has been one of the most famous consequences: The guest appearance of Michael Jackson (1958-2009) in “The Simpsons” from the year 1991. A Sensation, which apparently used the singer to the trust of children corpses. Of Al Jean (58), Boss of the cartoon series is, at least, is convinced.

The British Portal “NME” said Jean, with reference to the alleged revelations of the Jackson documentary “Leaving Neverland”: “If you look at what I have and many others have done here, then it looks honestly as if the Episode of Michael Jackson was used for something else, than had what it intends.” It had not been for Jackson only fun, but a “tool”, says Jean. He was firmly convinced.

“This makes me very, very sad,”

Jackson said the “Simpsons”Boss, have used the Episode to young to build confidence. “I don’t know personally, of course, and I should be very careful here, but what concerns me, is that what I think,” said the 58-Year-old. The make him “very, very sad”.

Meanwhile, the corresponding sequence was banished, for the Jean as a Co-author was responsible. The decision not to have made him “happy”, but he was wearing them “fully” with, and it was the Right thing to do, so the 58-Year-old.

In April, Leaving Neverland comes to Germany

The controversial documentary that promoted the child abuse allegations against the 2009 deceased musicians back to the light of day, is on 6. April, also in Germany broadcast. As recently became known, secured to the channels ProSieben, because in this country the rights. Initially, the Film was shown at the Sundance Film Festival, on 3. and 4. In March he ran for the first Time on HBO in the TV.