Since the beginning of March, the pop star Costa Cordalis, 74 is housed in a private clinic on the island of Mallorca. About his health, the family betrayed, so far, not much. Three days ago, posted, Daniela Katzenberger photo on Instagram, the daughter of Sophia the Hand of her grandpa’s in the hospital bed with the caption “family first”.

Lucas Cordalis was not of great concern to father Costa

Daniela katzenberger

Costa Cordalis it’s “good”


today, Thursday, Lucas Cordalis flies for three days with his wife, Daniela, after Germany. There he will compete in the show “Schlag den Star” against Ex-Bachelor Paul Janke. In an Interview with the “Bild”newspaper, the singer is now speaking openly about the condition of his father. To the beginning, he is clear: “We would never fly if it would not go to Costa a lot better.” Nevertheless, the singer had to remain still for a few more days in the private clinic. That it was for the family in last time is very difficult, confirmed the 51-Year-old: “We have all made a very hard time. We were in very great concern to my father.”

“Costa is incredibly strong – a great fighter!”

the precise diagnosis Lucas would not like to speak, however: “It turns out that it is something what can be fixed and The water out of his body! He is every day stronger and more agile,” says the singer. Costa Cordalis is a great fighter and a very positive person. “He has very great courage. We are all so happy that he’s finally better again.“

The 74-Year-old had to take it easy but still. “He has actually carried out, to make it easy and to be back in top shape. He should just make the things that make him really fun,” says the son. Lucas Cordalis is happy first of all to the Show in Cologne, Germany, to accompany him, his wife and their daughter Sophia.

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