It starts with the fact that the human brain is a disgrace. An evolutionary miracle, say biologists, a fabulous Blueprint, say AI researchers, an imposition, but it is first and foremost.

Because of the damn brain, you have to find so bitter it clear that screwing with us in a fort. This outrageous manipulation of the machine allows us to patterns such as faces, where there’s nothing. The brain is an absurd Verklärwerk, it schönt the past, is feeding us with memories and a changed reality according to his senses. Rarely is an entire species has subjected himself so totally in a single Organ like the human brain.

occurs Internet. The network of machinery that has built the man to his stupid brain around, to meet the WAN requirements. The Internet makes it as a permanent charm machine a fabulous Job – with sometimes disastrous consequences. Just now, the page has a study of a pioneering Leak Bellingcat published: The media Unicorn Riot collective to get to the right incidents in Charlottesville, the copy of a chat database of neo-Nazis and fully searchable on the web.

Bellingcat analyzed on the basis of this data, how radicalization works over the network. What are the building blocks – words, pictures, movies, people – on the path to extremism can track? Basis, in particular, a discussion of the neo-Nazis tell each other how they are “redpilled”.

“the Red Pill” is the Internet long, and refers to the movie “the Matrix” where the main character Neo gets two pills offered. The blue could be Neo more sleep, and in the artificial Dream of indulging. The red Wake up but let him “” and the grim reality see. The term “redpilled” comes originally from online circles of woman haters.

You can’t unseen

For some time, there are always bigger and always more radical hatred of women communities. You can worry about that in the net, organized violence against women will increase dramatically. In Germany, too. In the meantime, however, you have to understand under “redpilled” a particularly extreme Form of a mechanism that is in power everywhere – and the view of the world more or less independently.

I would like to call him filter glasses (similar to the network concept of a filter bubble). It is a knowledge or supposed knowledge, which changes the personal views of the world. The filter glasses is a network-mediated Mini-ideology.

There is a spell from the power of culture: “You can’t unsee it” – “You can’t make it unseen.” He usually refers to very impressive photos, the long-lasting effect, because they remain indelibly in the memory. The network-based filter glasses works in a similar way, once the perspective, it can be difficult to settle. One starts to look at the entire world through this filter glasses.

putting on the glasses, suddenly everything is clear

It is not a fundamentally bad mechanism. For example, I have observed more often, as led to insight moments about capitalism or Patriarchy to a more enlightened view of the world. In a way, the enlightenment itself is a kind of huge filter glasses: a knowledge – and idea building, and the entire world-view changed.

But there are also bad, miss useful filter glasses, and through social media increases their potential for radicalisation. Filter I think eyewear is the most important tool for extremist ideologies that are spreading via the Internet. The filter glasses is, in fact, from a short, plausible-seeming narrative, a Narrative that can be about everything else about that place.

putting on the glasses, suddenly everything is clear: The Jews are to blame. Or the women. Or the refugees. The filter glasses colors everything in the appropriate colors – no matter what you look at. The filter glasses hides all the contradictions to one’s own perspective, makes it appear smaller, or indicates to the contrary. Like a blue pair of glasses, the entire world is blue, even colors without blue.

Humor and ridicule are the first lubricant

The filter glasses you have to understand as an operating system for conspiracy theories. Therefore, can hardly be conspiracy theorists discuss, your filter glasses to filter all of the inappropriate arguments. One can understand attempts at conspiracy theories as a spectacular failure in the Enlightenment. Looking for a meaningful, truthful explanation of the world of the conspiracy theorist is bent in the wrong place. The Unicorn Riot leaked conversations from the previously-protected chat rooms to illuminate the process of how such a Filter box is placed. They reveal, so far, inadequately researched network of psychological mechanisms of radicalisation.

The most striking example is the function of the humour, such as Bellingcat has worked. The supposedly harmless joke is a sort of ideological test run. With a Joke, it tests how far you can go in the social environment with extremist positions.

A dazzling irony, it remains unclear whether what is said seriously, it was semi-serious or frivolous. In the examined neo-Nazi Radicalisation Memes were particularly relevant, humorous word-picture combinations, which can easily be in the network spread. It remains unclear whether, for example, jokes about the Holocaust contribute to radicalisation or those who can attract, the easier to radicalise, or both. In any case, Humor, and especially derogatory ridicule seem to be the lubricant, the slide glides on the Radicalization particularly easy to down.

Oh – so the world works!

At three-quarters of the neo-Nazis has even played according to his own statement, the Internet is the Central role in the Placement of the filter glasses, the most common YouTube is called. For Islamist terrorists, and is moving image was, in General, and YouTube is essential. The radicalisation mechanisms are similar in a surprising way, regardless of the particular ideology. Single iconic works of play for the radicalization of a critical role, such as Bellingcat writes. In such films an alternative explanation is offered patterns for the more or less known facts and correlations, the filter glasses are designed as a surprising, but world explanatory narrative.

The psychology behind it is based on old knowledge about the functioning of the brain, such as the very popular concept of Aha-experience, a concept of Karl Bühler. With a sudden realization of misunderstood correlations reveal previously: Oh – so the world works!

recent research suggests that the suddenness is crucial: Because a previously incomprehensible to be explained, holds the Person the new insight is particularly beautiful and true. Then a social process of confirmation follows the realization of the moment.

Therefore, the digital social environment for the radicalisation, is also crucial: it Is confirmed the new, beautiful realization of, uninvolved recorded or violently rejected? For a further radicalisation of both confirmation as well as rejection seem to be essential, because the core of the radicalisation of a group training office friend-enemy Schema. Also for this purpose, the filter glasses is no good.

The brain, each of mischief pure

Authoritarian ideologies often work with the motif of “awakening” or “awakening”: at last can see what the sleeping majority is still hidden. “Germany awake!”, a line from the “storm song” by the national socialists, is the plakativste appeal including. No coincidence that the “Red Pill” is a very similar metaphor: Everyone is asleep, you can Wake up and realize.

The Instrument, the filter glasses is very similar, it seems for the individuals Concerned to share the world in Sighted and non-sighted. A conspiracy theorists in social media, widespread self-description is: “I think!”

It is being Proud of one’s sudden, a beautiful realization of how the world is supposed really , which can be used to reject other interpretations as a “non-thought”. I think, the vast majority is asleep, and all of the evil Mainstream-media telling.

The filter glasses – this ideology in a digital Nutshell – but it is so powerful, because the brain is such a bunch of neuro-scrap, and every mischief fall, if he follows just to certain rules. Brains would have to be prohibited in its present Form.

Video: in THE MIRROR live hatred on the Internet