It is this will to win is so special, the Tim Mälzer, without a fight, he would never give up. So you get to know him from his most successful Show, “Kitchen Impossible”. The center of the cult show, Tim Mälzer, and his opponents, and a black Box is, in the delicacies from the farthest corners of the world are hidden. The task: to taste, what ingredients, what preparation were chosen for the courts.

it is a Rare to see chefs to their limits. Not even Tim Mälzer. Was traded by the still earlier, as “talentless fries cooking”, he was able to prove with the show, what it can do. And this is, above all, ambition. The benefit comes to him in a completely different Show.

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“Kitchen Impossible” for you to Try

Green mush and yellow cream: Tim Mälzer me in front of a culinary mystery – I can crack it?

By Denise Snieguole Wachter Tim Brewer performs like Stefan Raab

In the case of “beat the Star” has to measure up Tim Mälzer with the singer Sascha. He referred to snooty as a “victim” before he has ever won a game. He described himself as a “battle pig”. He wanted to know “to perform, such as Stefan Raab – a little bit of everything and everything a little bit.”

As a Maltster has not promised too much. Because in fact, he reminds again and again to the previous show master: He whines, escape, sports Games from him minutes of the blow, he asks at least as often in the case of the rules of the game according to how the Creator of the Show – and never loses the bite that you need for this Format. You can think of a Maltster, what you want. Also the language is slipping away often in the bottom drawer, takes some getting used to. But it makes for pure entertainment.

Headis Team-world Cup

He produced a new Show for ProSieben


Nevertheless, Maltster loses the first five games. But even after two hours of TV cooking is not on there. Then he brings in the first win, he will secure even a brief lead. At the end – after five hours – the duel at Sascha. However, the viewers all agreed that The real winner was the Maltster. Because even though he loses at the end of many games, his humour and his self-deprecating nature provide the entertainment, you has recently experienced with Stefan Raab.

On Twitter could not rescue a Maltster in front of praise. The proposal of User: “beat the Star” “beat the Brewer”.