died In the case of a wrongly imprisoned Syrian, in North Rhine-Westphalia according to any one of the cells of fire, according to the matching media information to an emergency report.

logs out of the prison in Kleve, Germany indicated that, contrary to the previous assumption on the night of the fire, which had been operated intercom system in the room, it reported the “image” and “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” (Friday) with reference to a non-public report to the Minister of justice to the parliamentary groups.

The public Prosecutor’s office, who now, among other things, whether and when the intercom is triggered light signal has been disabled, re-reported in the Newspapers. According to information of the “image,” there is also the suspicion that, in the health acts, things stood, the obligation to be in breach of had not been brought to their attention.

this is the Only way the prisoners of the JVA would be not as suicidal has been arranged. Against a doctor of the prison now is accused of manslaughter will be determined by.

A spokesman for the NRW Department of justice would not comment on the Reports on Thursday evening. He pointed out that further investigation should be run, and hearings are not affected.

be confused with a man from Mali

The 26-year-old Syrians was on 29. September of this year, two weeks after a fire in his prison cell in Kleve, a hospital died. The authorities had acknowledged that he had been imprisoned in consequence of a confusion with a man from Mali, more than two months to be wrongly in prison. After the announcement of the Case, be it said, the Syrians have set fire to it probably.

In the case of the Syrian sees the SPD Opposition in North Rhine-Westphalia, further to the great need for clarification. According to the previous information provided by the state government, there are numerous contradictions and unanswered questions, said SPD parliamentary group Deputy Sven Wolf earlier on Thursday.

In a Letter to the Minister for home Affairs and justice, Herbert Reul, and Peter Biesenbach (both CDU), he called for a comprehensive and chronological report on “the tragic Events”. Of this report, the opposition group make their decision about possible further steps in the case – for example, a request for a parliamentary Committee of inquiry, it said.

It was hard to understand, that the Syrians should have complained during his imprisonment, never about the mix-up, a stressed Wolf. It was also unclear whether the was 26-Year-old, despite a number of diagnosed mental disorders, at all detention capable of. Also for more information about a possible risk of suicide of the man and the cause of the fire in his cell were necessary.