We weren’t expecting really the former Environment minister Ségolène Royal on this field. However, his arguments in favor of an ecology well understood, and admitted by the French, which is not the case at all for the current policy. She has as well denounced Monday the tax on fuel, considering that the minister of the Economy Bruno The Mayor “seeks to justify a hype tax for the ecology, “which” is not honest “.

“today, the government makes 7 cents on diesel and again next year and 6 cents on diesel fuel, it is totally disproportionate, it is absolutely necessary to stop this increase, “said Ms. Royal on RTL, which sees in it an illustration of” ecology punitive “. A reaction is surprising, because it is under his administration that had not advocated for a catch-up of taxation petrol and diesel in order, by increments, to eliminate the advantage of the price per litre, maintained artificially by the differential taxes.

” You can’t overnight be accused of a violent motorists without taking the ecology in some way hostage “, has criticised the former minister, for which ” a true eco-tax is a tax that allows the change of behaviour “.

Rise in illegal

This increase of taxes on fuel, ” I think, is not legal “, has accused Ms. Royal, who believes that “the government does not comply with the requirement” of article 1 of the law on the ecological transition of 2015, which provides that, ” when you make a penny more eco-tax, you are forced to take it down a penny elsewhere of the tax system to that there is tax neutrality in relation to ecology “.

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This is not serious and this is not honest, “said the former minister of the Environment, who believes that” Bruno Le Maire, has broken all the levers of positive ecology positive “, citing the “10 000 euros for the purchase of the electric car” and ” the tax credit energy transition “.

” there is not a week where there is not a decline on the ecology, and we can better understand the resignation of Nicolas Hulot, because I think he had a premonition of this degradation on environmental issues “, has accused Ms. Royal after the remarks of the new minister of Agriculture on pesticides.

Didier Guillaume drew the ire of the NGOS Friday, declaring that the scientists needed to demonstrate that the use of pesticides had an effect on health, in the case of babies born without arms.

when Asked by elsewhere to see if it is confirmed that she refused to be the head of the list of the PS for the european may 2019, Ms. Royal responded : “We’ll see. “

” My state of mind is far from being one of the return to fighting in an election. This is not my goal, nor my spirit, nor my desire, ” said the 14 October, the finalist of the 2007 presidential.