forces controlled him and his vehicle and found that he was without a valid driver’s license on the road and under the influence of narcotics. The investigators seized in the car and in the apartment of the 27-Year-old several drugs.

The forces were in the Linden street is a level control and verified the 27-Year-old. The man made a visibly nervous impression, and found significant deficits. A drug test was positive. Together with the police sniffer dog Crawford by the forces searched the vehicle and found the right. In the car is distributed and hidden in the Two – and four-legged variety of units of sale of marijuana, cocaine and other synthetic drugs discovered. The driver was taken for blood collection with the guard. The public Prosecutor’s office ordered a search of his apartment. Here, investigators seized more drugs and weapons. In addition to the above violations, the 27-Year-old was not in possession of a valid driving licence. Further investigations are ongoing.

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