Chronic ” Trends in France “. New Caledonia can happen economically for the city ? The campaign for the referendum of 4 November on the accession to full sovereignty and independence of New Caledonia has given rise to battles of digits on the consequences of the separation, as it is for Brexit or Catalan independence.

according To the latest statistics from the Institute of statistics and economic studies in the territory (ISEE), the transfers of the State weigh 16 % of the gross domestic product (GDP) caledonian. This weight, however, is to put it in perspective, for two reasons.

Remuneration lined

First, a significant portion goes back into the Hexagon. On these sixteen points ten are made up of the remuneration, charges, agents of the State. For half, they cover the salaries of the teachings of the second degree-public and private available free of charge to New Caledonia, which is now the competence in the field of education. There are added also the personal ensuring the attributes of the Republic.

The posts in New Caledonia are attractive to the officials in the metropolitan area. On contracts in general for two renewable years, their pay is doubled, while the cost of living is higher than that of 30 % to 40 % compared to the metropolis. So we can think that their savings rate is important, potentially superior to that of agents equivalent in france (at least 20 %, according to household surveys). These agents are only passing through, their savings and their contributions pension – 2 % to 4 % of the GDP of the territory – will join in fine, the metropolis.

Secondly, the weight of transfers of the State in the GDP has decreased by six percentage points since the mid-2000s. More than a disengagement massif, it is the strong growth in new caledonia over the period, which has gradually diluted the weight of the…