Stefan Raab is back in show business. For three nights. After almost three years of abstinence from the stage, apart from a few brief appearances. Now Raab fills in the Cologne Lanxess-Arena, approximately 14,000 seats, with her own Show. Why does Raab, one of the most famous entertainers in the country, the Status of early retirement? You knew in advance. Clear only: Raabs was the Comeback Show was a Sensation.

For a quick return to the TV screen, there was not, unlike some of the media people were predicting, according to Raab’s last TV show in December 2015. As an entertainer he has achieved pretty much everything that is in the show business in this country. Unlike colleagues such as Thomas Gottschalk, he seemed to have known when it was time to make himself scarce. At that time, shortly before his 50. Birthday. Had Raab get now, but in the meantime, however, withdrawal symptoms?

Who mitfilmt, beaten

The Live Show, which starts on Thursday evening, shortly after 20 clock, you can hardly believe it, not in the television broadcast. Neither live, nor from the preserve. Later Audio or video it’s going to recordings, so it was on demand Management, not give. No cut-outs, except for those that are Fans to the network, of course. Who mitfilmt, is beaten, it says before the Show in an announcement. A joke, but the audience leaves the Smartphones first plug.

“there It is”, Toots and then a familiar voice in the Arena. It is the loyalty to show trainee Elton, calls the merits of his master – multiple Wok world champion, 38-time winner of “Schlag den Raab”, a composer of many successful songs-thrilled.

Then, Raab himself, black suit, narrow Tie comes, a little plumper in the face, visibly full of energy, as is singing “Wadde had a dudde”, his contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest from the year 2000, calls for Clapping. Mood, now, quickly. He is accompanied by “the Heavytones”, Raab’s excellent Studio band of “TV Total”. Frenetic Jubilation.

most Influential Television entertainer of the Republic of

Stefan Raab has made since the 90s to perhaps the most influential Television entertainer of the Republic. He had help, of course, but Essentially, he worked himself to this Position. By drew more than 2000 shipments of “TV Total” on ProSieben, invented new Shows, in which he was mostly self-full of risk, a Competition introduced, or a particular challenge. Raab was often ruthless towards yourself, sometimes even reckless compared to others, which he drew in duels, low-rank, or by the cocoa.

One of the essential factors for the success of the born in Cologne, was his ability to compose, again and again a Hit. Songs that spread good humor, are kind of funny and absolutely not suitable for mass production. Songs like “Böörti, Böörti Vogts”, “wire mesh fence” and “Get me a bottle of beer”. The latter is a euphonic originally posted by Gerhard Schröder. To policy it was not then as it is today. Raab made rather from Snippets that had he and his Team picked up somewhere, catchy tunes for the TV people.

No new edition of “TV Total”

What perform Raab and his guests this Thursday, is not a new edition of his “TV Total”Show. Although the Arena loses outright, as the Band plays the welcoming melody of the shipment. But no one is on a retractable Sofa, anyone played pranks, no one is presenting his new Album.

This evening, it will clear relatively quickly, is rather a musical Revue, a Best-of-concert with sometimes silly deposits and spells, sometimes a little trip into the past. This Show is, because the musician Stefan Raab obviously had a great desire to play in front of many people and to have fun doing it.

With the comedienne Carolin Kebekus he sings a Version of Helene Fischer’s “Atemlos”. Stefanie Heinzmann, the discovered Raab once, screamed “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. Then Raab raps “pictures in the head” with Sido, croont his Hit “Can’t wait until tonight” with Max Mutzke, also one of his proteges. Eurovision-winner Lena didn’t show up, however, contrary to rumors. The later the evening gets, the more soft the Fax on the stage of a rapid succession of the Songs, finally, shortly before the end, the dead pants, “Bonnie & Clyde”.

“I want to say the old stuff listen to”

“I don’t want to hear the old stuff”, Raab in between. Him this evening, in any moment, to the future, not to prepare for a possible return to television, as before in the industry was geraunt. “Raab Live” is rather a retrospective.

This is abundantly clear when Raab, a young woman from the audience a bunch of old Merchandising articles handed out, a cap of the Wok WM, a T-Shirt of “Schlag den Raab”, a set of keys from “TV Total”, a DVD, a Cup of the “Federal vision Song Contest”. So if someone is celebrating on the stage, its past and at the same time of your adoption.

With 22, told Raab that he had decided to butcher the doctrine and interrupted studies in law to become a music producer. And then plays a previously unreleased recording on his old iPod, which he recorded under the name MC Hammered – a nod to the then-popular MC Hammer.

But he couldn’t land, “bull shit”, I slapped him with the Manager of a large record company in front of the bib. Today, Raab can also tell in front of 14,000 people, of defeats and at the same time indicate, that bull shit can be Gold. With the necessary energy, Talent and plenty of chutzpah.

Raab does not need the television

Stefan Raab, the TV needs today. Even if he enjoys the attention and the cheers, might be missing. However, the instruction to publish any official cut-outs of this morning, speaks a clear language. Not a single word, he loses his plans. What could give him the TV, what he already had?

Need but the TV, Vice versa, Stefan Raab? Certainly, above all, his energy, creativity, and the desire for things to pull through, the doubters refuse. Germany has changed in the past three years, it would be interesting how a troublemaker like Raab were able to manage it.

“He’s missing the TV,” is a standard saying about Stefan Raab. There are a few German conversation, people for whom this saying applies. Most of them are dead. Raab lives. Tonight, here and now.