nets were deployed in the sea to recover the residual oil spilled in the Mediterranean during the collision of two ships off the coast of Corsica. Some of the tailings have reached the beaches of Saint-Tropez, announced Wednesday the ministry of the ecological Transition.

If the means activated by the State to contain the oil released in the sea “have been recovered and the quasi-entirety of the ribbon of hydrocarbons […], a few hydrocarbon residues, less than 2 % of the overall amount, were not able to be pumped,” recalls the ministry in a press release. “These balances will, in the form of pellets, with some coastline along the mediterranean coastline of Var and Alpes-Maritimes “, said the ministry, confirming that” a party has been already reported in Ramatuelle “.

One hundred people mobilized

clean-up operations of the beaches of the Var are polluted by pellets of hydrocarbons spilled during the collision of two ships off the island of Corsica will start on Thursday morning, announced on Wednesday that the prefecture and the ministry of the ecological Transition. Clean-up operations of the beaches of Ramatuelle, Saint-Tropez and Sainte-Maxime mobilizing over a hundred people (municipal employees, forest-fire, made available by the county council, the military, fire brigade…) will begin on Thursday morning, announced the prefect of the Var, Jean-Luc Videlaine.

The expert of Cedre (Centre of documentation, research and experimentation on accidental water pollution) in Brest, currently recognition, will also bring their expertise to the clean-up, he said. “In the next few hours, many of the agents of the State will be mobilized to intervene on the beaches and natural sites concerned to carry out monitoring, collection of cakes, cleaning and storage of waste for its subsequent treatment,” added the ministry of the ecological Transition in a press release.

Beach closed to the public

In a press release Tuesday evening, the prefecture of the Var could not “establish with certainty the origin of the pollution on these beaches of the gulf of Saint-Tropez, to the effect that” samples [had] been taken ” for analysis. Earlier in the day Tuesday, the maritime prefecture of the Mediterranean had announced that this pollution “seemed to come” of the oil escaped during the collision of the ro-ro ship tunisian Ulysses and of the door-containers cypriot Virginia on 7 October off the island of Beauty. To contain the phenomenon in the sea, the State services deploy nets to recover those residues that could not be pumped, says the press release of the ministry of the ecological Transition and solidarity on Wednesday.

Tuesday, residues of hydrocarbons are stranded on several famous beaches to the east of the Var, including Pampelonne, made legendary by Brigitte Bardot, in Ramatuelle, near the gulf of Saint-Tropez. Mixed with posidonia oceanica seagrass, thousands of meatballs viscous have also hit the beaches in Saint-Tropez, Sainte-Maxime and La Croix-Valmer. The beaches have been closed to the public and the prefecture of the Var has announced the opening of a crisis cell before you activate the plan Polmar (pollution maritime) land.