The triplets have had a first name and a birth certificate. The day of the birth, the imprint of their tiny feet was frozen on a sheet of paper, and then framed by their parents. However, the parenting of Megan Baltic and Pierrick Stryczek has not been recognized by the Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie (CPAM) of Chalon-sur-Saône (Saône-et-Loire), which is native to the young couple, reports The Journal of Saône-et-Loire, Wednesday, October 17.

Zoe, Lou and Jade are dead at birth, after twenty-one weeks and six days of pregnancy. The regulation of the CPAM wants that after twenty-two weeks of pregnancy, a mother of a family received a daily allowance, in respect of maternity leave. Mégane Baltic states had started to collect these fees in advance from its 17th week of pregnancy, when she began her maternity leave. If it has been switched to stop-disease as a result of her confinement, she nevertheless had to pay back the 845,25 euros received before the birth of his daughters.

Contacted, the national fund of health insurance recognizes that ” the facts proved “, and ” regrets that the human dimension has not been taken into account in this folder “. Application cold and brutal regulation, which tends to deny the existence of these three infants, making the test more difficult, entrusts the World to the mother of a family is 22 years old :

” I was mourning the loss of my daughters to try to do that, it is one of the worst things you can have to traverse in a life. “

“I’ve had the misfortune to give birth before the term, and it is asking me to repay what I touched to live during this pregnancy,” says Megan, who gave birth on 20 December, after months spent between home and the hospital.

Pregnancy difficult

at the end of summer 2017, the 22-year old woman learns that she is pregnant with triplets and decided with her boyfriend ” to move in a larger apartment with a lift “. Quickly, ” things get complicated “, Meghan has problems ” and the sick “.

like many women with a multiple pregnancy, Meghan, who works for a temporary job at Amazon, is the subject of a follow-up medical intense. “I had to go five times to the emergency room, and three of these parts are extended by a hospital” she says, noting that his work “very physical” preparation expert of command ” has not helped “. Finally, on November 16, Meghan begins her maternity leave, after seventeen weeks of pregnancy. During this period, the experts suggest the couple to sacrifice one of the three embryos to ensure the survival of the other two. A choice in which Mégane and Pierrick give up.

On December 20, Meghan is once again hospitalized and gave birth to three girls. One of them is dead-born. The other two will die shortly after. Of their births, Meghan remembers little girls ” all trained “, which were ” to grow up a bit “. To them, she has kept a memory box with their photos, fingerprints, and gifts that loved ones have available “.

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“Injustice total”

“At the beginning, I believed that I was not going to ever get there, I thought I was going to literally die of sadness,” says the mother of the family, which has in particular found solace in groups Facebook on the perinatal grief. “It feels so misunderstood. The loss of a baby, nobody can understand, “continued the young woman, for which the refund request sent by the CPAM was “an injustice” total.

on The 18th of January, Meghan receives a notification of the indus social Security, it denies the very next day, with the commission of appeal to court. “I have asked that they take into consideration my special situation “, reports-t-it, stating that its appeal was rejected. Megan then grabs the tribunal des affaires de sécurité sociale (TASS). The hearing, scheduled for 11 October, has been postponed, after she made a call to a lawyer.

The trial could, finally, do not take place. The publication of the case in the local press has, in effect, permit alert to the highest level the management of the social Security. “The deputy director of the health insurance company called me yesterday evening [Tuesday, October 16,] and apologized in person on behalf of the management,” says Meghan, adding that a mediation has been proposed and that it should have ” an answer before the end of the week “.

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The national fund of health insurance specific to the World that” usually, a mediator is present in each agency to ensure that the particularities of certain situations, are taken into account “, referring to “an exception” regarding the couple.

According to Meghan, the bereaved parents are regularly confronted with requests administrative displaced, citing the testimonies of the mothers of the family present on the groups in Facebook that she consults. “In general, authorities are not tender with us, we are asked to pay the money, to undertake steps to lourdes, then that one bears the weight of grief “, she says, giving the example of this mother who was asked to repay the one-time birth payment paid by the family allowance fund, which had served to finance the funeral of the baby.

today, if Megan ” goes better “, she expected, however, that this ” injustice is recognized to be freed “. And continue the work she undertakes with his companion for ” have a new child “.