last weekend, he hosted a total of seven shipments of the “daily show”: Jan Hofer is on some days in continuous use for the ARD. Like his other “daily show”colleagues, the chief speaker is not employed, but will be paid per issue. The editor-in-chief of the “ARD Aktuell”, Kai Gniffke, betrayed now, what is a speaker worthy of it: It is a lot less than many people think.

“The speakers are free employees the get for a shipment, a fixed fee,” explains Gniffke “”. “For your orientation: the main issue of the ‘daily show’ gets a speaker 259,89 Euro,” he reveals. Not a luxury salary if you consider that an average of ten million viewers, and the “daily show” broadcast live is switched on. For shorter “days to show”expenditure, for example, in the afternoon, it was actually “significantly less”.

Deserves a “daily show”spokesman?

accepted Time, a speaker would moderate 14 Times in the month, the “daily show”issue at 20.15. Then he would have a salary of 3638,46 Euro, which would, however, be taxable. Measured by the expenditure of time – the speaker does not write the texts themselves, but a read for a half an hour before – seems to be the amount to be okay.


“We thought he was coming to the finish” – therefore, the ARD-camera remained so long on Jan Hofer

However, Jan Hofer, and co. in Germany knows almost every viewer. A Popularity Bonus but there are. Also, the Stress of a Live broadcast is not to be underestimated. To present “a ‘daily show’-output in front of ten million people, is without a doubt a stressful Situation, even for a veteran like Jan Hofer,” says chief editor Kai Gniffke.

Many speakers improve your content

is paid per issue, to improve many of the speakers your salary by several broadcasts of the day. Some of the works in addition, as a spokesperson for other Shows and television formats (for example, in “Hamburg Journal”) and are available as presenters for events bookings. Depending on the complexity of the income can be doubled or even tripled.