Sebastian Pobot the radio play label of “Maritime” took over, including the whole catalogue in 2014

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“Maritim” was founded in 1969 as a Label of the John year by the publisher that produced, among other things, documentation records. The publishing house Gruner + Jahr (the star appears) and the Bertelsmann group established the brand as the biggest competitor of the radio-play, the market leader in Europe. Following Carsten Hermann led the Label for around 20 years, in 2014, the brand was included in the General catalogue at the trader and producer Sebastian Pobot from Munich. The 45-Year-old commented in an Interview with the star radio plays his own Favorite, and the challenges in the industry due to digitization and Streaming.

Mr Pobot, started at what age you own to listen to radio plays?

That must have been in the second class. At the time, I borrowed “The haunted castle” in the bookmobile. It gave me sleepless nights.

What were your favorite tracks?

How many were “The three ???” and “treasure” the beginning of my audio passion.

2015 have you taken with “Maritim” in addition to “Europe” and “carousel” probably the best-known radio play-Label in Germany. A Youth Love?

Yes, definitely, because already as a child, I heard the little Ghost “Schubiduu…uh,” or “Edgar Wallace” – both “Maritim”products. On the other hand, it was also a strategic decision. Because, even before the “Maritim”-Takeover, I produced radio plays and licensed trademarks of the publisher, such as, for example, “Professor van Dusen”, “Batman” or “Captain Future”. The brand “Maritim” was therefore the perfect way to bring all of these radio plays under a hat, my previous catalog to expand and the mix of emotional charge.

The brand “Maritim” was founded at the end of the 1960s, is older than themselves – the industry lived through in the recent past, some changes: in the past, radio plays on cassettes or CDs were sold in record stores, and later, at flea markets, and today the whole range is a quasi-round-the-clock available online. You feel more like the boss of a company with a long tradition, or the head of a Start-up?

The music industry has been declared dead often. Radio took over from shellac, the CD, the Vinyl, the Video killed the Radio Star … I’ve been up since the early 90s-years in the industry and produced much commercial music. To this day, I write, among other things, of Soundtracks for various TV channels. Even in this relatively short period of time, the mechanisms, and the face of the industry have transformed themselves several times – the music industry went, for example, by illegal pirated copies or file-sharing portals completely, and now risen again.

A traditional publisher, such as “Maritime” was the First one who got to feel the Internet and the digitization of crisis, but we are now also the First to have managed it again strengthened. Against this Background, the Maritim is in fact both. For one, it is a long-established publishing house, familiar to many from their youth. But the Streaming is suddenly up-to-date and digital feel. This also has an effect on the listening habits have changed through the Streaming completely. While you heard in the 80s, a favorite album all summer long, so to listen to an entire season or a radio play series on the way on holiday or for work, and then never again.

The radio play has become, in my eyes, the modern, digital version of the sequel to this novel – the one on the side “wegsnacked” and talk.

How large is the share of CD sales, Downloads and Streaming, on the overall performance of the business in the case of radio plays?

In the case of “Maritim”: digital 90 percent, physically ten percent. Since the Takeover of the publishing house, I’m going digital. “Maritim” was the first audiobook Label, which opened its entire catalog for Streaming. This gives us an advantage now. The CD, I see this more as a niche or “mandatory release” for a few Hardcore collectors who want to keep a copy in the Hand and on the shelf.

The proceeds are likely to be in Streaming services such as Spotify per piece is significantly lower than in the case of Downloads or CD sales. It’s worth it for you?

The digital market is a mass market, the lives of numbers of high sales. While you previously had to sell a lot of copies of a catalogue number, it is sufficient today to have a large catalog. Because the “Long tail”theory suggests that in the digital market, every little niche will find your lover. I can only confirm. Of course, it is nice to have a successful series such as “Sherlock Holmes”, “revelation 23”, “Mimi Ruth Erfurt” or “Oscar Wilde & Mycroft Holmes”, but also the lesser-known titles that say only a small target audience something that can be bought. “Maritim” has now become the largest independent radio drama catalogue, with a number of series, divisions, Genres in which everyone may find.

Since you have taken over at the “Maritim”, the rudder, you have brought a number of classics of the label re-release as well as their own series and Spin-Offs launched. Especially, it seems, when you look in the catalog and stories about classic detective characters. What do you think fascinates your listeners to the old adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Professor van Dusen, Auguste Dupin or Edgar Wallace?

the cinema-screen adaptation with Robert Downey, Jr has Helped, of course. and Jude Law. The German synchronous voices of the two actors talk in our series, “Sherlock Holmes & Co”, the main characters. Also, the Sherlock version of the BBC with Benjamin Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman has made their contribution to the success of the radio play. This Sherlock Holmes has been transported into the Modern. However, every time has their Holmes & Watson. The stories are timeless.


“Sherlock Holmes – new cases”

New adventures for an old Genie: master detective Sherlock Holmes in top form

We lay in our series to find something New, something Special that distinguishes us from the rest. For example, Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, has a series together with Oscar Wilde. A great, quirky, unprecedented Melange that works well and arrives. The Same is true for “Edgar Allan Poe & Auguste Dupin”.

The thinking machine, “Professor van Dusen” we old as well as new cases. These are from the spring from the Original German writer Michael Koser, who invented the recipe for success. He served on the original “van Dusen”Stories, originally conceived by Jacques Futrelle, who went unfortunately with the Titanic. Maybe it is, but also the Victorian period, exerts upon us a certain appeal. A time in which much seemed to be in order. Understandable, because in the 21st century. Century would appear to be much that is new, uncertain and threatening …

Where are the stumbling blocks for the new edition of the classic?

The characters of the classics have been manipulated over the decades. Many of you know and have been through Film and television, a certain image in your head. It is impossible to make this classic image exactly. Therefore, we are not trying to produce a “bad” copy, you can probably only on the nose fall. We go All out and create wild mixes of characters and new Stories like “Wild & Holmes”.

What chest slumbers-as yet unpublished-in the “Maritim” – honey, or what do you have in planning?

In the past year, we have the “fairy tale land”-catalog (formerly the “Polyband”) purchased, we publish currently in remaster and. But the treasure chest of the “Maritim” promises to be even a few gloss pieces. There is an Original “Professor van Dusen”-radio play by Michael Koser was already taken years ago, with Klaus Herm as a Hatch slumbers, for example. Or but a brand new radio drama series-concept by Jan Gaspard, the Creator of “revelation 23”. Unfortunately, the day only has 24 hours. But these pieces I would like to publish it in the next few years.