A black typewriter today adorns the home page of the Google search engine, and behind the smoke Chimneys, try two hands to grab, war machine flies over the outlines of the Berlin and Stockholm. It is the scenes of life are held fixed, the Nelly Sachs in poignant verses, and finally as the first woman to receive the Nobel prize in literature, accepted. Today, the Jewish-German writer would have been 127 years old.

Nelly Sachs was born in 1881 in schöneberg in Berlin, wrote 17 years old, first poetry, and brought it to the first world war to numerous publications in the Berlin Newspapers. After the seizure of power by the national socialists, Sachs led a “life under threat”, as she puts it. Her family was harassed, her Writing prevented her lover from the Gestapo tortured.

Nelly Sachs fled before Deportation

escaped the grip of the national socialists. The command for transport to a prison camp has already been delivered, as Sachs the last line of the airplane ascended to Stockholm. The Swedish exile was to be their new and final home, the Holocaust was the theme of your life and your work. As one of the first Sachs wrote of the horrors of the Second world war in poems. Her biographer, Walter A. Berendsohn, described her work as “plaintive, accusatory, and idolizing”.


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As your volumes of poetry from 1957 to a wide audience in West Germany won, came for Sachs, the late fame. However, the awarding of the prestigious Droste-prize could lure the writer in 1960, back to Germany – for the first Time after 20 years in exile. Sachs, three years previously, the Swedish state had become a citizen, remained in their new home, was broken after her return from Germany and came to pass three years in a mental institution in Stockholm.

special price to 75. Birthday

The city of Dortmund, founded in 1961, the Nelly-Sachs-prize to honor literary landmark works, and gave him in the first year of the eponym. Four years later, Sachs was awarded as the first wife of the peace prize of the German book trade.

Second world war

Nazi Terror, and the first love – the Holocaust diary of a young girl

Gernot Kramper

On her 75. Birthday finally, took you out of the Hand of the Swedish king Gustav VI Adolf the Nobel prize for literature – here, too, she was the first female prize winner. Your speech keeps Sachs in German and quotes a to this occasion, a poem written: “instead of home, I consider the transformations of the world”.

Nelly Sachs died in may 1970 on the day of the funeral of their good friend Paul Celan, the created self German-language poetry. She was buried in a Jewish cemetery in the North of Stockholm beige, their grave-stone of the Jewish star of David adorns.