In the darkness of the Staples Center, the crowd of Los Angeles applauded LeBron James. If he has joined this summer the plume of the purple and gold of the Lakers ‘ star, breakfast-room angeleno, the best basketball player on the planet is not there, this Sunday, October 14, for the orange ball. He was summoned on stage by the rapper Drake, who is playing in front of a packed room and conquered. A few steps of the dance, the verses chanted, the new king of Los Angeles enjoys it.

This scene reflects the two facets of the character : on the one hand, the star of the basketball, the arrival of which in California is one of the major events of the new season of NBA, the north american championship ; the other, the businessman advised, already well established in the entertainment world. And, in Los Angeles, LeBron James seems to be determined to be able to reconcile these two universes.

a Basketball player, he began his conquest of the West : by leaving the club to Cleveland, where he was until then, he will play for the first time in the Western conference of the NBA. And there is no shortage of reasons sports to justify their choice to espouse the cause of the Lakers. It ensures, moreover, that its “decision to come here is purely related to [his] family and basketball” and that he has the ambition to restore the reputation of a ” franchise legendary “.

In the city of Angels, close to Hollywood, the world capital of the entertainment, the seventh-leading scorer in NBA history, a 33-year-old, will also be more able to share his time between the pursuit of a fourth NBA championship and the development of his thriving empire.

“He is on the downward slope of his career and wants to become a mogul in Hollywood,”

This has not failed to raise some questions about its investment basket and on the interest of his arrival to the Lakers. “This signing is a decision of business. It is on the downward slope of his career and wants to become a mogul in Hollywood “, for example, has released Charles Barkley, a former winger became a consultant. For him, the matter is heard : if LeBron James had wanted to focus the athlete, he would not have signed in a club ‘ away from the best teams “, all history was there.

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The interested party assures him, that ” all of [its] activities here are on the rails for a long time and are moving forward without [him] “. Since 2006, and the creation of SpringHill Entertainment, with his childhood friend Maverick Carter, the star has put his great – great-great – walk in the world of entertainment. Committed athlete, LeBron James has never concealed its ambitions to break the box to which the top-level athletes would be assigned.

“Shut up and pitch”

the Target of the president, Donald Trump for his stance in favor of the rights of Black americans, the four-time MVP (best player) of the NBA has transformed the insult of a presenter’s conservative against him – “Shut up and dribbling” (” shut up and dribble “) –a documentary series exploring the cultural and political role of sport.

This is one of the many projects in his own image, combining commitment and investment, have recently been announced by the player, who has, since 2015, of an office in the prestigious studio Warner Bros. This year, James said from Cleveland its intention to establish an empire of entertainment. Nearly four years and a title of the champion of NBA later, it is in the producer recognized that it invests in Hollywood.

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a Sign that times have changed, in September, the trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter has released its annual list of the ” 100 most powerful people in Hollywood “, placing the boss of the Disney empire, Bob Iger in the head. Yet, it is LeBron James, number 75 in the list, which had the honour of the ” a ” of the weekly.

” I would never have done it if he had simply acted on the arrival of a player the Lakers have, in addition, a production box, has justified the editorial director of the magazine, Matthew Belloni. I find it interesting because it is not there for a joke, that it is credible and that the people of this city really want to work with him. “

This will be the case with Ryan Coogler, the director of the blockbuster Black Panther, which has disrupted the patterns hollywood. “Ryan has offered to the children of this generation, something that I didn’t have when I was little, insisted LeBron James, a superhero movie with a cast of african-american. “

“More than a basketball player,”

If he will not be behind the camera, Coogler will produce the sequel to the popular Space Jam (1996), in which Michael Jordan was associated the cartoon characters the Looney Tunes for battling aliens on a basketball court. In volume 2, James’ll be donning the sneakers of Jordan. Once again.

Because the number 23 of the Chicago Bulls has inspired the Lakers. If their game was not much to see – James has an altruistic spirit that the killer Jordan was not developed, as ” His Airness “, single owner black a NBA franchise, LeBron aspires to be ” more than a basketball player “.

“It took a little bit of Jay-Z, a little bit of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, and we tried to develop our own way”

To his business partner Maverick Carter, who allowed him to sign a lucrative contract for life with the oem Nike, “the one who comes closest to a model, by its way of taking its responsibilities and to be respected for more than what it is” is Jay-Z, who has developed an empire out of the framework of the rap. “We took a little him, a little bit of Jordan and Magic [Johnson], and we tried to develop our own way. “

” there’s only one champion, was reminded of LeBron James to his arrival in Los Angeles. Not be does not mean that you do not have success. “Always a basketball player, in the process of adding rows to the list of his records, but also much more than that, “King James” does not want to be judged only with respect to the securities.

the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors are needed from the first game

The team of the Boston Celtics, presented as the new team-reference of the conference Is to the NBA, has outperformed the Sixers of Philadelphia, 105, 87, Tuesday, October 16, at the kick-off of the season 2018-19 at the north american championships. The Celtics took off at the end of the second period thanks to Jayson Tatum, author of 23 points, and never have been worried after the break.

In the Western conference, the Golden State Warriors, doubles champions NBA title, beating Oklahoma City, 108 to 100. The Warriors have had to be wary until the end of their opponents. “It’s a game that could have switched in their favour, our 3rd quarter has been disastrous, but we recovered well at the end of the game,” said Stephen Curry, who ensured the victory of his team with 32 points. Before kickoff, the players and the coaching of the Golden State have received, as tradition has it, a massive signet ring set with 74 sapphires and 74 diamonds, for their title of champion 2018.