The Bundestag on Thursday evening, raising the toll rates to 1. January 2019 decided. For the first time, the cost of the noise load by load so that the car involved in the calculation. By the consideration of the weight classes will be made in addition, the increased road load due to heavy vehicles. At the same time, electric Truck and gas-powered vehicles are exempt for the time being of the tolls.

the new rates, and since July of the applicable extension of the toll on all Federal roads, the Federal government anticipates future revenues from an average of 7.2 billion euros per year. The are around 2.5 billion euros more than in the past.

The Opposition has not supported the draft law of the Grand coalition. The AfD criticized, among other things, the one-sided preference for certain technologies such as electric Trucks. The FDP defendant the financial burden of the small and medium-sized transport industry.

The Green had already made in advance for Changes. Your transport politician Stephan Kühn has complained, the noise costs would be charged to the Truck traffic at the toll only to 28 percent – that was too little: “The road freight traffic creates noise pollution and exhaust fumes and must bear the cost of that completely.”