The actor-Director Michael “Bully” Herbig, a clear attitude to Humor. “You can’t argue about Humor and taste. The so-called belt line, some on the neck and the other at the ankle,” said Herbig, the Munich-based “Abendzeitung”.

“so when does what “below the belt”?”, the 50-Year-old asks. However, all had become by the spirit of the times sensitive. The Munich-based Herbig celebrated with the TV show “Bullyparade” and the theatrical comedies “The Shoe of Manitu” and “(T)raumschiff Surprise” a great success. As a Director he had recently submitted the GDR-the story of “balloon” in the Thriller Genre. In his next Film he wants to focus on the story of a soldier, the victim of a sexual Assault is: “an Extremely emotional and upsetting,” said Herbig.