A minister in the indian government, accused of sexual harassment by a score of women in the framework of the movement #MeToo, gave on Wednesday his resignation. “I believe it is appropriate to abandon my responsibilities and fight the false accusations against me “, has announced in a press release M. J. Akbar, a veteran of the journalism became minister of the second rank of the ministry of foreign Affairs of the government of Narendra Modi.

67-year-Old, M. J. Akbar is accused since last week, via testimonials posted by women on social networks or in the press, of sexual misconduct at the time where he held positions of responsibility in the media. He has announced this weekend bring proceedings in defamation against the first woman to be targeted. Filmmakers, comedians, journalists, etc. Many celebrities of indian entertainment industry and the media have been accused publicly in recent days for inappropriate behaviour towards women in this patriarchal society.

An expert of phone calls, texting obscene

The campaign feminist #MeToo has already led to a series of resignations, and of internal investigations in India since the beginning of the month of October, finding an echo in this country of 1.25 billion people, more than a year after its appearance in the United States. First woman to speak publicly against M. J. Akbar, journalist Priya Ramani was revealed last week in a tweet that he was the editor-in-chief anonymous as it was described in an article published last year. The text was a job interview he was doing to pass, when she was 23 years old and 43, in his bedroom of a posh hotel of Bombay. “It turns out that you’re fighting in predator so talented that you have to write “, writes the journalist.

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” You are an expert of phone calls, text messages, obscene. […] You know, pinch, tap, rub, grab, and attack. Speak against you yet costs a heavy price that many young women cannot afford to pay for it “, she says in this open letter published by Vogue India. Other female journalists have reported on Twitter of similar experiences with the one who, before going into politics, had occupied positions of responsibility in prestigious publications such as The Telegraph, Asian Age and The Sunday Guardian.

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