This news is likely to shock Mesut özil’s football shirt critics. As Turkish media reports, the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in özil’s football shirt wedding in the summer.

Erdogan’s guest of honor at Mesut özil’s football shirt wedding?

even More so, Erdogan is supposed to be the guest of honor at the ceremony. The newspaper “Hurriyet” reports of a Meeting between Mesut Özil, his fiancée Amine Gülse and autocrat Erdogan at the airport in Istanbul. On Twitter, a photo was published of them.

The three have a conversation and at the end of Gülse and Özil should have been invited to the controversial politicians of their wedding Ceremony. And the “Hurriyet” reported, the Couple have asked Erdogan to be özil’s football shirt and best man.

a decision by the Federal coach

circuit in the DFB-Team for Boateng and Co: Mesut Ozil regrets “type” of the national team-From

affair Özil and his national team-

The reports, the discussion about Özil is likely to re-fuel. In may 2014, Özil and his national team colleague, Ilkay Gündogan, Erdogan is a Jersey presented to had. The photo of the fateful meeting caused a stir in the summer of last year, shortly before the football world Cup in Russia, a scandal. Especially the fact that Özil is not commented on for a long time to the affair, let his critics growing louder. After the world Cup, the DFB President Reinhard Grindel requested an opinion of the player.

The turn brought the all round impact. He filed a lawsuit in The DFB was racist. For him a reason to want to not for Germany to play. “With a heavy heart and after long Consideration, I won’t play anymore because of the recent events for Germany on the international level, as long as I feel this sense of racism and disrespect,” said Özil in his Statement.

in order To policy was to him, personally, never, but with respect for the highest office “in the country of my family.” If Özil has Erdogan actually been invited to his wedding, not confirmed, the player of Arsenal London in the past.

source : “Hurriyet”

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