Who mentioned the Swinging Sixties, has a Beatles Song in your ear and girls in mini-skirts. This is the earnings of a woman: Mary Quant. You made the new skirt length popular. On Monday (11.2.) she celebrates her 85. Birthday.

As a child, dreamed of Quant to be a dancer or a designer and went to a tap dance class: “A slightly older girl, the Vision of what I wanted to be was,” she said in the magazine “The Week”. “She was wearing a short pleated skirt of approximately 25 centimeters in length, a skin-tight black sweater, black tights and a Bob haircut.” Two decades later, the Model Twiggy embodied (actually: Lesley Lawson), with DOE eyes and layers of mascara, this Look as a trademark of a whole Generation.

With 21 teachers daughter Quant opened her first Shop in the King’s Road in the trendy district of Chelsea, in order to sell the in-crowd clothes, and accessories. They soon discovered that it was ahead of its time: no one made the clothes that you had in mind. Therefore, she began to sew, walked the pattern for Housewives and unusual materials in the precious bought Harrods.

Quant developed a distinctive Look based on simple shapes and bold Statements. You captured the Beatnik style of the late 50s – dark stockings, flat shoes and turtleneck, and combined with bold colours, and above all: short skirt lengths. “I made a light, youthful, simple clothes,” she says in the book “The Great Fashion Designers” by Brenda Poland and Roger Tredre. “I wore them very short and the customer called for “Shorter, shorter”.”

their ideas were quickly on the streets of the fashion metropolises of London and New York, so they sold from 1963 onwards, in addition to mass fashion under the Label of Ginger Group. Because she was convinced that “the meaning of fashion is to make fashionable clothes affordable for everyone”. Therefore, they even published the pattern of their Designs; the most common has sold 70, 000 Times.

New to the mini skirt was not: In the wild 20s, the American Economist George Taylor, developed the so-called hemline theory, according to which the skirts are getting shorter, the better the economy. On stage and in sports, women wore long and short skirts in the 50s-Science-Fiction series “Space Patrol” and “Flash Gordon” slipped the hem even higher. The Parisian Designer André Courrèges (1923-2016) claimed that he invented it first; however, Quant is widely regarded as the mother of the mini skirt.

they named the rebellious and sexy piece of fabric according to your favorite car. Logo of a stylized flower stand for the liberation of women, the pill, economic recovery and fun. “They celebrated youth and life and tremendous opportunities,” said Mary Quant, the “Vogue” about their iconic items of clothing. “They had a kind of “Look at me!”-Quality. You said: “life is great”.” Even the American feminist Gloria Steinem wore a mini skirt on Demos and Talk; the “Washington Post” named it the “Pin-up Girl of the Intellectuals”. Since then, the Mini out of fashion is indispensable.

Even the baggy Look of the 70s with flared pants and long flowing Maxi-skirts couldn’t do anything to him. Punk Brats, and especially Blondie singer Debbie Harry blew into her him with black leather, PVC, studs and ripped fishnet pantyhose new life. The designer Vivienne Westwood sold Mini-crinolines (Hoop skirts) in your Load SEX, while Madonna and Cyndi adapted Lauper the Evergreen of the ‘ 80s: The classic Black metal came in metallic colors, ruffles and layered Look with underwear and top.

Were androgynous the 60s, the mini skirt in the 80s and early 90s, more curves for the sophisticated career woman; together with shoulder pads and colourful wool fabrics, he modernized the traditional pin-striped costume. At the end of the 90s, the American series “Sex and the City dusted it” with the micro-Mini as a Fashion Statement. Since then, the fashion world celebrates him in almost every season because of the mini skirt stimulates still the fantasy.

Two London museums, the Victoria and Albert Museum (6.4.) and the Fashion and Textile Museum (8.2.), both mini-skirt as well as the designer to celebrate this year Quant in exhibitions.