Anni (Mala Emde) got in the lecture hall of the Charité hospital, shortly before her oral exam.

©ARD/Julie Vrabelova

The native of Frankfurt Mala Emde (22, “Brecht”, “Katharina Luther”, “the scene of the crime”) has the main role in the second season of the hit series, “Charité”. Will broadcast six new episodes starting today, Tuesday at 20:15 clock in the First. How Emde came to the role and what she thinks of your character, the young Doctor, a mother and a wife Anni Waldhausen, she reveals in an Interview with the news Agency spot on news.

you are 22 and already have an impressive filmography. When was it clear to them that you want to be an actress?

Mala Emde: The game of lust started in me from the age of nine. At the time, I wanted to just play, it was like an instinctive urge. And then, when I started, I felt myself in the Film and theatre world at home immediately. If I’m the professional, I left my long open.

How have to support your parents in it?

Emde: My parents have supported me in my dream, lovingly and at the same time attention is not given, that one stands out in the drama bubble.

What do you like about the job?

Emde: Two things: one was the professional calls me constantly, to stay curious, new worlds meet. On the other hand I have the feeling that we can connect through the performing arts, people, because we’re looking for something of true feelings, which are present in every human being (love, anger, fear,…), independently of social origin, et cetera.

Would be a medical Doctor, a vocational Alternative?

Emde: no, not for me. I feel great respect and gratitude to physicians.

In the sequel of the successful series “Charité” play the main role. How did it come about?

Emde: I just came back from a trip from Canada, and during a stopover, the Director called Anno Saul me and told me about the project and asked whether I could imagine. At this time I was just in the middle of my studies in acting at the Ernst Busch [Hochschule für schauspielkunst in Berlin]. But gejetlegt and euphoric as I was, I simply said “Yes”. Then I went to the Casting, got a commitment, and then I asked myself the question, if that’s possible, the study and this great rotation. Anno has written a letter to the school, and in fact, I was liberated for the rotation period. “Charité” is officially part of my studies.

What do you like about your role, the young Doctor and mother Anni Waldhausen, particularly fond of?

Emde: That she never gives up, but always looking for Ways. For your daughter, she is making great sacrifices and decides against her usual picture of the world, against the privileged life. This is a Back-and-Forth, but in the end, humanity triumphs in Anni.

her movie-husband has the same Job. What speaks for the actors, in their view, for, against?

Emde: actor*an insanely changeable, unpredictable life on the inside. We are immersed for seven weeks in a world away from normal life and then there are the times between the projects, which are characterised by fear and uncertainty. All of this can relate to a Partner who has the same job, better. You can also work together, help find. On the other hand, a relationship of an island can be, away from the small, supposedly pompous world of film. The openness to the other is very important to me!

Prof. Ferdinand Sauerbruch, (Municipal mental hospital for children and adolescents) reason of the dealing in the NS-time with children with disabilities, the White Rose, Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg… All of that comes in the new “Charité”-season before. What did you know before the shooting about this time?

Emde: I had half-knowledge. I am interested but for history and love reading about it. And “Charité” has commanded me, there is still a lot of new insights.