Roseanne Barr, the former First Lady Michelle Obama is to blame for its termination

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Roseanne Barr (66), has found apparently the guilty Person, who has ensured that she was fired after her racist Tweet. In an interview with the British “Sunday Times Magazine” she explained, that she was of the opinion that the former First Lady Michelle Obama (55, “Becoming: My story”) for their expulsion from the ABC Show “Roseanne” was responsible.

Obama is good friends with Valerie Jarrett (62), the Barr in your Tweet as a crossroads for the Muslim brotherhood and “Planet of the apes” had referred to. Jarrett was known as a long-term consultant of Michelle Obama’s husband, Ex-US President Barack Obama (57),.

According to Roseanne Barr have Michelle Obama spoke in may 2018 with Channing Dungey (49), the former President of the ABC Entertainment Group, and told her that she should intervene in the case of the racist Tweets against Jarrett. “They said: ‘This Tweet is unforgivable.’ This was told to me,” said Roseanne Barr your view of things. “I tend to believe that, because the woman who fired me, is now working with the Obama’s on Netflix.”

According to the report, ended Dungey commitment at ABC last year and since then, Netflix Vice President for Original Content responsible. In may 2018, the Obama’s have agreed on a multi-year partnership with the streaming service. The couple will produce films, series and documentaries, which will consist of a wide variety of content, such as Netflix announced in a press release.