The writer Finnish Arto Paasilinna, who has become famous in the world, thanks to his novel disenchanted The Lièvre de Vatanen, died Monday, October 15, at the age of 76 years, according to its publisher.

is the Author of 35 works translated into dozens of languages, this former lumberjack turned to journalism and literature, has sold eight million books in more than a half-century career.

Born on April 20, 1942, he died ” in a rest home in Espoo, near the capital, Helsinki, said its editor, Finnish, WSOY, in a press release.

Published in France by Gallimard, it was with Mika Waltari, and the novelist Sofi Oksanen (Purge), the author of the Finnish language the most known abroad.

Welcoming table of the human race

tales of the tragi-comedy of the life in the Great North content of unlikely adventures lived by a surveyor senile and his / her travelling companion (The Run of the geometer), an old woman escroquée by his bastard nephew (The Sweet poison ivy) or even a journalist disillusioned who adopts a young hare to the broken leg (The Lièvre de Vatanen).

Under his pen often shifted, suicide, old age, despair or bleak daily are part of a welcoming table of the human race. “As a writer, I want to exaggerate things and it is easier to whip his own people than to go and whip in the other (…). Humans in general are a little bit crazy, touchingly, and Finnish even more, perhaps, than the other, î he told in an interview to the AFP in 2005.

” Paasilinna was especially popular in France, where it has been compared to the Nobel prize winner [literature colombia] Gabriel García Márquez “, pointed out by its editor.