“Let’s Dance”-Juror Joachim Llambi would like to ask once German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the dance. “Maybe not Rock’n’Roll, but an intimate Foxtrot or waltz – I think this gets them out,” he told the magazine “Tina”. “I would like more times in ten minutes talk to her,” the 54-Year-old.

Llambi is known that he criticized on the floor openly and relentlessly, but stresses: “it is sometimes hard, but it is never personal, but it’s just about the Dance, the more bring to the people.” Healthy criticism ability he’s missing at the moment in society and politics. The Problem is “that the people have become so thin-skinned that you can’t really be apart of”.

in His view, one must also accept the opinions of others. In addition, we should verify “whether the other can’t be right.” Because, Llambi: “There is not just one opinion. We need to be ready to fight again with each other, so it goes.”