The Bauhaus Dessau has prevented a controversial concert the left of the punk band “Feine Sahne fischfilet” on its historic stage. The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation throbbed at the ZDF by the house right to the cancellation. The transmitter had the concert for the 6. November planned.

The Bauhaus should not be the site of political Agitation and Aggression, reported the Foundation on Thursday. The ZDF has reacted with Regret. It will now be looking for another venue for the recording of the concert to the current Album of the Band in the context of the series zdf@bauhaus.

rights groups have made in social networks against the concert in mobile, with a Bauhaus spokeswoman. The Bauhaus, which is a Unesco world heritage site, fear demonstrations in front of the own door, similar to the neighboring Köthen. There, there was several Demos of the extreme Right. In the night of Thursday Head on the floor had been lubricated according to the Bauhaus in front of the entrance of the main building, a swastika.

“Fine cream fish fillet” had been called a few years ago because of the violence protection report of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern call against police officers in the Constitution. The Band last performed at a concert against right-wing extremism in Chemnitz.

The discussion about the concert, the country policy moves in Saxony-Anhalt. As difficult, if not traceable, a government spokesman had referred to the invitation of the polarizing punk band. In the state Chancellery and the Ministry of culture, there was fear that the brand Bauhaus could be damaged.

the SPD, Left and Green to see the attempt of influence. “This is a serious interference in the freedom of media and the arts, and in the program autonomy of the ZDF, we have explicitly,” it said from the Left of the group. The SPD parliamentary group was “very concerned” about the Intervention.

Green-group leader Cornelia Lüddemann added: “Vague evidence of a threat situation, which occur due to the registration of a right-wing rally in the vicinity of the venue, there should be no reason to cancel the show.”

The Foundation informed, immediately after the announcement of the concert with “Feine Sahne fischfilet” had been observed in social networks in the mobilization of right-wing groups against the event. It was clear: “The Bauhaus Dessau is historically and in a contemporary a place for all people regardless of race, gender, and nationality. Political extreme positions, whether of the right or to the left or find others at the Bauhaus, Dessau, no platform, because these columns are the democratic society – the historical Bauhaus is based – and, therefore, at risk.“

The Foundation also pointed out that there is no joint program planning between the Bauhaus and ZDF for the concert series. Only shortly before the beginning of the pre-sale, the Bauhaus would be informed of the respective artists program. “The program’s sovereignty and the responsibility of the ZDF.”