Karl Lagerfeld was as a Designer-genius known. With Hamburg’s Snout. But not particularly generous. That he possessed this property but, has now told Patricia Riekel in an Interview with the “image of woman”. Riekel was a close Confidant of Karl Lagerfeld. Even more: “Once in an Interview they asked me how close I am to Karl. I said that I have great respect for him, me, him, feel close to. But never would dare to refer to him as a friend. Then he called me and with some indignation, said, reproachfully: ‘But Patricia, we’re friends.'” The former editor-in-chief of the magazine “Bunte” had even been a few times in the fashion home.

Late Designer

Why Karl Lagerfeld’s niece does not expect a Cent of his fortune

she knew the Designer very well and shared a story close to her heart: “My favorite story, when he was in a Paris newspaper of a refugee boy las, the heart surgery needed and health insurance is not paid and the parents could not afford. Then he asked for news of the family and in Secret, without that you have ever know, the operation costs,” said the 69-Year-old in the Interview.

“, Karl Lagerfeld the most generous man I ever knew”

was That Karl Lagerfeld liked children, he stressed again and again, and also took his godson Hudson Kroenig on the catwalk. Patricia Riekel want people to keep him in good memory and know what a good man Lagerfeld: “To many people, Karl Lagerfeld seemed to be a bit arrogant, and he could be very cynical and parried questions sometimes with biting mockery, it’s happened before. But in truth he was the most generous person I knew. He has it hung only to the great bell. He had only encountered contempt for people, the public as a benefactor. He has always done in Secret.”

source Used : the “image of woman”

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