Karl Lagerfeld knew that he would not live long. In these days, it is clear. And his death, or the handling of his staff, he wanted to plan, apparently, just as he had planned his whole professional life, and in a controlled manner.

Karl Lagerfeld planned everything

The “image”-newspaper, the guide, Lagerfeld was apparently his Store employees. It is structured and explains how to proceed after the sad news. “Please buy a large, white flower Bouquet with white roses and in the middle of the inspection window to place”, among other things, is the guide.


“Thank you, Karl. With love forever, your team” – employees of Karl Lagerfeld’s Store in London’s Regent Street to say goodbye to her famous employer

©David Cliff/ Picture-Alliance

Plus/Minus 120 cm tall to be the Bouquet, the glass should be transparent or classic in white. Apart from the white roses in the Bouquet, the window should stay in its shops around the world will be empty.

gifts should respond to the back room

And, apparently, Lagerfeld wrote to his employees, even, as you on the condolences. “Thank you for your condolences to”, there would be a possibility, or: “It is for us all a hard time.”

Also for gifts of any kind, Lagerfeld had a Plan: “If flowers or other items to be delivered to the Store, you accept these and collect them in the back room. Further instructions will follow.”

This manual fits perfectly into the image that many of Lagerfeld had and the the Designer also self-signed. “I urge the 48-hour day,” he said once. “With only 24 hours I don’t get it.”

source: “image”

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