There she is again, ladies and gentlemen: probably the only Reality Show on German TV, which brings celebrities more than the transmission time and attention: Rebecca Mir won here a new (okay, used) husband. Moritz A. Sachs alias “Klausi Stewart” lost through the intense Training 20 pounds of weight. What counts is on the floor. Or how to put it, Joachim Llambi, the taskmaster of all the prominent cement hips and electric Eels in the “Let’s Dance” kick-off show on RTL something: “you have to really work your ass off – we want to see your insides!”

Oliver Pocher free put after a short warm-up phase, rather the first time in his cozy Waschbärwampe. “This is also a sign against body shaming”, he claimed. Then he tore a crude joke about the very slender Lukas Rieger, of his character, the YouTube teen star and Influencer. His Motivation for participating: “I want to reach the parents of my Fans. The think that is pretty cool,” the 19-Year-old. You can see it already in front of his inner eye: mobile phone addict 14-Year-old, clueless parents, and the hard-of-hearing grandpa sitting together on the Sofa, all the torments only one question: What am I doing here?

“Let’s Dance”

So it came to the alleged vote-buying in the case of Barbara Meier

Carsten Heidböhmer “Let’s Dance”: feel the noise quiet and seizures

About 100 years ago, Thomas Rath (Ex-“GNTM sat”-Juror) always with his grandma on the Sofa and watched the Broadcasts of dance tournaments. You had nothing at that time, in television for example, there were just four programs. Whether or not Rath holds out the whole season emotionally is questionable. “I want to go on a journey in my insides,” he said with a faraway look. After his first dance he was caught in a feeling of intoxication, as had handed to him just someone the Oscar for his life’s work. “I enjoy every second, thanks!” Full in the sense of wobble, he forgot momentarily that he was not bought up in this Show even as a Juror and took over the Job of Victoria Swarovski. With an open and mouth in the “dance of the sky” and had to wait to get a word in.

Speaking of chatterboxes: Who had believed, with the reigning jungle Queen Evelyn Burdecki was Stripping in this season, the fast-Talking ratio more than satisfied – think again! Appearance: a woman, called “Mocki”. “Most of you know mixing action,” said Sabrina Mockenhaupt with a broad dialect, she is the victory of countries. She was a long-distance runner, track, ‘ve won everything you can win as a runner. Dancing was not, however, so hers: “move mixed Yes so enn Bauer”, palaverte you. The guy that dance with her, had to get in front of one thing: “Me, a little bit sexy”. Juror Motsi Mabuse, however, saw potential in the Kodderschnauze: “Mocki, you have to like dancing to the fun”, ruled in a professional manner as usual. Also with another, even someone with two left hands”, including handball player Pascal Hens, called” the Jury is still mild: As a Two-Meter man, he didn’t do his thing, “not that bad”. Hens, nicknamed French fries: “I’m hot you know like French fries fat French Fries, French fries,?”

Barbara Becker meets Oliver Pocher

Hot, it was also Barbara Becker (“Boris Becker, the famous tennis player, is the father of my children”) at the Cha Cha Cha. You do “at night otherwise other things”, were you completely out of breath. Might think about how, exactly, are you with Oliver Pocher is to communicate? The was Wölden known to be with Alessandra Meyer, another Ex of Boris, together. 2016 danced “Sandy” at the “Let’s Dance”. There are in the German TV is simply no Escape from celebrities.

Kerstin Ott dancing with a woman

Where not all of the 14 celebrity dancers immediately clear where you should know them. “They know me from all the schmonzette movies”, took on actor Jan Hartmann thanks for the answer. Kerstin Ott had with “The laughs are always” a Hit and provided the first Premiere of the Evening: As a woman you danced with a woman. “Dress, high-heeled shoes – that would look very stupid,” said Ott, and was allowed to explain in a one-player that was private with a woman. The word gay was not yet. “We’re here for Diversity,” said Jorge González. “You sure you still want to dance with a woman?”, hooked Daniel Hartwich several times at Ott – so this seems to be with the Diversity in the case of him still not arrived. Motsi Mabuse advised Ott that she should “loose”, but still “take the lead.” Ott, a self-consciously: “I walk slowly to the finish, but I always come.”

Benjamin Piwko surprised at all of the

For the second Premiere of the deaf martial arts Trainer and actor Benjamin Piwko made. Music, he perceives only as pressure waves in his stomach. The communication with his dance partner came of it easily. Piwko: “I’m working for myself, all the movements of the eyes”. After the dances, sign language translated interpreters, Kenneth, live in the Studio. He’s going to “Let’s Dance”, because he “wants to combine the two worlds together: the world of the Hearing and the deaf,” says Piwko. Of the Jury, it was for his lilting Viennese waltz many points – even the spectators were impressed. They chose the smart Piwko as a candidate for the direct ticket. He is not protected so next week in front of the departure – that he would have had help.

This article has been updated. In the previous Version of Sabrina was referred to Mockenhaupt incorrectly as “Ruhrpott shut up.” Mockenhaupt victory countries.