Tribune. The law of 7 July 2011 on bioethics stated that she would have to be ” the subject of a new review by the Parliament within a maximum period of seven years after its entry into force “. This clause formally leaves the government the masters of the opportunity to legislate.

The government has announced its intention to drop before the end of 2018 a bill. It does not belong to the Academy of moral and political sciences of the vote on a text whose content is not known, but it is his duty and his competence to comment on the issues raised by this review.

It is important to distinguish between questions of medico-scientific and social issues. The extension of medically assisted procreation (map) for all women does not come under any scientific issue, but it refers to the question of the evolution of morals, in the same way that the pacs or marriage for all.

The consciousness of man himself

The dignity of the human person is inherent to humanity. The prospects opened up by transhumanism and the posthumanisme is a risk of losing the image and the consciousness of man. The intervention on the human allows changes more and more important, the passing of the man being cared for at the man repaired, and then the man rose, and, finally, the man replaced. The legislature must prevent these abuses.

The genetic issues have been renewed since 2011 because of the new techniques of genome sequencing and to the possible modification of the genes. But the greatest vigilance must be exercised to maintain the distinction between the prevention or cure of diseases extremely serious on the one hand, and the improvement at the request of a physical or mental and the selection of children to be born, which would open up the field of eugenics, on the other hand.

The nine-month gestation period and physiological exchanges…