terrible for millions of daily show viewers on Thursday evening. At the end of the 15-minute 20-watch edition of the ARD news programme, speaker Jan Hofer should point out actually, according to the weather report, as usual, on the issues of the day-broadcast later in the evening.

But according to the prediction back to the Studio was connected, had to support the 69-Year-old at the speaker’s table, staggered and looked dazed. Hofer said nothing. After a few seconds, the Director is a hidden a black image. On the plan started in the Thriller “The girl killer by Krac”. Hofer had been in the preceding minutes of the news broadcast, contrary to his usual sovereignty erratic and promised several times.

In the Version published by the ARD in your library is missing, the sequence with regard to the issues of the day at the end of the show.

spectators in care of daily news spokesman, Jan Hofer

In the social networks, many viewers expressed concern to the popular daily show-speakers:

is The North German broadcasting (NDR), which produces the daily show for the ARD in Hamburg, was not up to the star to reach a request first, to give about the health status of Hofer’s information.

A concise, three-quarters of an hour after the alarming pictures from the daily show Studio in Hamburg-Lokstedt there was the editorial light the all-clear: “At the end of the Tagesschau, Jan Hofer, it was bad. May be an infection he had recently, to do is not cured, completely,” she wrote on Twitter. A doctor is taking care of the speaker. Meanwhile, it is Hofer again, “much better,” the NDR in the evening, in a further communication.

Meanwhile, also reported the news speaker himself via Twitter to the word, and the anxious spectators for the recovery of thanks wishes. “I’m just in the University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf checked. No Abnormalities. I don’t suppose I can take a medication that I must take since today because of a protracted flu,” said Hofer to the reason for his Blackout.

Already had to be in November 2016 Jan Hofer during the day-to-day issues broadcast at the presentation of the news in the short term, of Caren Miosga represented. The reason for the failure at the time, a stomach-intestinal Virus. (Read more here.)

note: This article was updated several times.

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