those Who cannot remember the completely failed Bronze Statue of Juventus Star Cristiano Ronaldo? As the now legendary sculpture was shown at the airport of Madeira, made in the social media for a flood of jokes and Memes. Presenter James Corden has brought the legendary figure, apparently an idea. Together with David Beckham’s Ex-Club L. A. Galaxy, the Briton has thought up a nasty prank.

Worse always!

The ugly Ronaldo Statue has now celebrates its competitors and to the network

David Beckham is framed by James Corden

The American football Association had thought that his most famous Ex-player also with a Statue in honor, which should be unveiled in front of the stadium. Corden sparked between them, said the person in charge of the club and instructed his props-Team to build a different Statue. The end result: The Beckham Statue is cross-eyed, has an oversized chin and a pretty big butt. With hidden cameras Corden has accompanied in his “Late Late Show” Beckham, as the gets its supposed to be a new Bronze Statue for the first Time. Beckham’s reaction to his wayward “image”: great.

Tried, politely, and at the same time, almost close to tears trying, the 43-Year-old, the artist is convinced that the Statue looks to him in any way similar. “Look at my chin,” he says of the creators of the figure, quietly desperate. “That looks nothing like me. Look at those eyes”, he tries to convince him. Corden, looking at the scene behind-the-Scenes with, laughs, tears. Also, the thickness of the Po like Beckham a little. Always depressed, he tries to convince the bystanders that this figure could never ever be in front of the home stadium built. His parents would finally arrive from England. “If my kids would see it – I think crying would be, if I’m honest,” says Beckham.

“He’s so polite, although the figure is terrible”, is amused Corden in the Background. After Beckham suggests, to go, a fork-lift truck is to travel the figure out of the room. But instead, the wayward Structure falls and shatters on the floor. “You have done me, probably a Favor,” says Beckham addressed to the driver.

This is the Moment in which Corden from the Background comes running. As Beckham looks to be the Moderator, he understands immediately that he was just evil in and begins to laugh. Now a legendary prank!