Rome (dpa) – The message was clear. As the Italian head of government, Giuseppe Conte enters with his Deputy, Matteo Salvini on the stage, the flickering of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpieces in large format in the Background. 500 years of the death of the universal genius is located on the 2. May.

A good time for a populist government in Rome, to use the stage during the presentation for the anniversary program for the own appearance: The death of the Renaissance artist to wear in Italy size in the world.

“Our genius” called Conte Leonardo was born in 1452 in the small town of Vinci in Tuscany and 1519 in France, died. His government has been working on visions that are good for the country. Minister of the interior, Salvini says, Leonardo was teaching the people: “If you have a dream, you can do it.” A Slogan, also Salvini used as the head of the right-wing Lega. Subliminally, the comparison of the populist resonates with the most with one of the greatest geniuses in the world.

However, Leonardo knew no bounds, while xenophobic politicians such as Salvini and pulling this high. And the well-trained, today’s geniuses are leaving due to a lack of promotion in droves to the country.

That culture is used mainly for the government, the upper as a stage, is it clear that the culture Minister, sits during the presentation of the program for the first time only in the audience. Also Museum Directors came on Wednesday. Although Italy would have to offer you as many.

With more than 500 Events will pay tribute to Italy, the painter, sculptor, mechanic, engineer, and scientist Leonardo. Add to that Apps, special stamps, movies, TV-series, the new Two-Euro coins with the portrait of a woman, “lady with an ermine,” and even a cartoon called “Missione Mona Lisa”. A “Leonardo-fever” has made the Secretary of state in the Ministry of culture, Lucia Borgonzoni,.

the climax in Italy three exhibitions: One in Turin Musei Reali, devoted to the drawings of Leonardo between science and art. There is also his famous self-portrait will be to see. Also, the Museum Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome with a focus on Leonardo to scientists. The Accademia dell’Arte in Venice is concerned, meanwhile, with its biological and anatomical studies and shows the Vitruvian man, known of Italy’s One-Euro coins.

In the foreign 150 Leonardo-events Chicago about Monaco and Berlin to China. Leonardo da Vinci was “so very Italian, so much in our cultural DNA” that they wanted to also help other countries to celebrate this “great event”, says Minister of culture, Alberto Bonisoli later.

right here, but there was already Trouble between France and Italy: The government in Rome does not want to support an agreement the previous government, via loans from Italy to France. In the Louvre in Paris, where the Mona Lisa hangs, is planned from October onwards, a large Leonardo Exhibition.

The Italian government fears that France could be in Competition for the best Look. So Salvini kids, he was in conversation with the French Ambassador to the Mona Lisa back. That the Mission is Impossible, know it.

France is holding back at this time. The Director of the Louvre, Jean-Luc Martinez, is Silent. And Minister of culture, Franck Riester relies on appeasement. For him, Leonardo is a European and the universal artist, as he told the French radio station “France Info” shortly before the Meeting with his Italian counterpart at the end of February. If there is an exhibition about him, like the one in the Louvre, then Italy though.

He hopes to culture as the unifying Element. “She is a good liaison between our two peoples are neighbors, and has always been cultural exchange.” This is a good opportunity, through art and culture together. On 2. May want to commit the President of France, Emmanuel Macron and Italy’s head of state Sergio Mattarella is also the anniversary of the death.