The inch is related to neither the width nor the length nor the size or scale of a screen. It specifies the length of the diagonal across the screen. This offers the advantage that the size of a screen can be specified with a single number. However, the diagonal from the other hand, tells us nothing about the ratio of height and width. Previous Computer acquisitions simply the 4:3 aspect ratio from the TV.

With the flat screens, the aspect ratio of 16:9 then caught on. The most popular size for TVs is 81 cm, and most computer screens today have a diagonal between 48 and 71 inches. In addition to the aspect ratio of 16:9, there are increasingly wider formats such as 16:10 or 15:10, since they correspond to the natural field of vision of the eye.

From inches to centimeters: conversion table for screen sizes

The term customs dates back to the year 1101. He was introduced by the English king, Henry I., has declared the width of his thumb to the future the measure of all things. In 1324 king Edward II declared, then three in a row covered barley grains to measure for this unit. The English brought their dimensions to the America, where they still apply. Today, this system of measurement as the Anglo-American or also as Imperial System is known.

arbitrariness versus logic: Imperial and decimal measurement system

The Imperial measurement system includes, in addition to customs on foot, consisting of 12 inches. Mile, ounce, Pint and gallon are different from the logical decimal system. Anyone who travels to the USA or England, you must set these dimensions apart.

In Germany is only the size of the screen diagonal in inches. So you don’t lose yourself in complicated conversions, you should take a look at the conversion table. So you know exactly how wide your screen is.


in inch


in cm

width of

in cm


in cm

type of equipment


(no indication means

various versions,

every indication

the most common resolution


Netbooks first Generation

Tablet, mobile phone


Netbooks are first and second Generation

portable LCD TV in the mini format

10,025,42212 Netbooks, Tablets, portable LCD TV1024 x 6001230,526,715 Notebooks, Laptops, Tablets 13,333,82917 notebook, known Laptops1280 x 80014363117Kompakte Widescreen desktop 15,4393319 Standard size for Laptops

1280 x 800

1440 x 900

15,639,633,519,4 Standard size for Laptops1366 x 76816,140,835,620 in-between size for Laptops 1743,23821

the default size for cheap monitors

or Multimedia Laptops

1280 x 102419483830

Standard size for LCD monitors

page format 5:4


Standard size for LCD monitors

page format 16:9

2153,346,226,2 Widescreen Monitore1920 x 10802255,94927

LCD monitors


1680 x 1050

1366 x 768


LCD monitors,


1680 x 1050

1366 x 768

2666,05832 LCD TV and monitors 3281,37140 LCD TV

1920 x 1080

1366 x 768

3794,08246,2 LCD and Plasma TV

1920 x 1080,

1366 x 768

40,210288,950 LCD and Plasma TV

1920 x 1080

1366 x 768

42106,79352 LCD and Plasma TV1920 x 108046116,810257 LCD and Plasma TV1920 x 108050127,011162 LCD and Plasma TV1920 x 108058147,312872 LCD and Plasma TV1920 x 10806416314280LCD and Plasma TV1920 x 1080

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