Only a few days ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) announced a bad news, at least for the company Facebook, which had only boasted recently with an increase in turnover of 30 per cent. But at least in Germany everything is not going smoothly. The Chancellor personally taught the word to your Facebook community: it is no longer the CDU-Chairman, and will therefore close their Facebook page.

What a loss! The Oliver Welke in the ZDF satire show feels the “Today Show”. “What I’m reading now, go to Sleep?”, Wilt asks ironically, the audience. And notes that apparently, only the CDU-should be Chairman on Facebook. But she was in Instagram and you might soon go back to studiVZ.

Merkel’s Insta-channel is “unprofessional” – not used no Filter

the Instagram channel to arrive at all times as well. The network reporter Larissa chop the Insta-appearance of the Chancellor: It had been the worst three minutes of your life. You have bored to crying, and Merkel would not use the Filter. The worst thing for you: six images of the Chancellor to have the same jacket. She finds the channel to be unprofessional.

could That Merkel is in Facebook, so it is presumed to be the “Today Show”, and perhaps another reason: The Federal cartel office in Bonn has only discovered a few days ago that the Facebook market is dominant and its position while Collecting data. How, please? Something completely New, such as Wilting, ironically, emphasized.

in fact, it will make the User the data octopus but also easy as a one-player from the “ARD morning magazine” shows. There, young adults are asked whether it troubles you that your data are in circulation. Also of concern is the reaction of the young people is: It is completely no matter. Germany is for Facebook, in a sense, a “data-Eden”, blasphemes the “Today Show”. What is actually going to sound funny, fast-in bitter truth. Facebook sold in the country data and not have to pay for it once taxes, such as, for example, in France.

Germany is Facebook’s “data-Eden”, blasphemes the “Today Show”

From the point of view of Welke Facebook has no scruples. Because of the hunger for Data of the monopolists know no limit, he says, and illustrates this with a news clip of the channel “N-TV”: How recently it became known, were young people paid for it, to put all of your Chats, photos, and locations open to – 13-Year-old received from the company money, reported “N-TV”.

Wilt has to add to this disturbing news is still a thought: Maybe the types that hang in front of schools around were not, always a drug dealer? You could also work for Facebook: “The data Piper of Hamelin” – people like Mark Zuckerberg, for example, the Facebook Boss.

you can See the whole broadcast here in the ZDF media library.