Since this delicate woman resting with a penchant for military jackets in a mud green Mercedes Wolf by the name of tungsten, so a real gas guzzlers, Berlin. A colossus of a car in which the men show the thumb at the traffic light, and the women laugh. And then the tank lid falls of all places, the new year’s eve, and you grind up the rocket shrouded streets, always POPs up somewhere. Danger? Relatively. Jadu Laciny this woman writes on top of that, their name in Fraktur on their debut album, and over the Marching sings is, flash wars and the death strip. The Tracklist leads to heart palpitations, so much of the fear of such a war vocabulary in these volatile times. The art is? Calculated Provocation? You’re not supposed to? You should?

For the most a sinister figure

Soon these boots sounded on the Asphalt.

I’ve got stamina for days marschiern

I have nothing more to lose

jado Laciny, of course, bears a military jacket to this day. One that depends so also in the shopping arcade on the rod, but a Uniform is a Uniform for you, different clothes, different attitude. She says: “I like this contrast. You see me as a Person and expect something completely different. You see me and stempelst me, but not looking at what’s behind it.”

Jadu Laciny: Sado-Maso-references instead of the Soul

Laciny, it was so often. If you looked at a Rammstein concert wrong, and someone says: Awesome, you hear such music? If people expect that you could dance super dance, “I could not”; sing Whitney Houston, “my voice is quite limited”; you will be better off if you make Hip Hop, or Soul. Your music can’t sell, no one will understand, but the record companies said. Laciny but wanted to make a Hip-Hop, she wanted to call strings and gritty guitars and Marching and chanting combine, wanted the melodies up to the screeching Crescendo ends, hunting up, wanted to use Sado-Maso-allusions, and words that can only make it rare in pop songs.

“the Long death”

Soundtrack for the fear in all of us: Why Casper’s new Album is so important

she was so sorry, and founded her own Label. Their debut was called “message from the enemy” and says it’s an Album about love that can go wrong. About love you want to sing all of them, just most are looking for flowery words, or, when it comes to suffering, according to the often-heard metaphors. “These songs I write for you five of the day, this is not an art,” says Laciny.

at some point you read that in troubled times, people prefer to listen wholesome music. If you switch the Radio on with this in mind, you fear that Germany was in a deep crisis, would now, some of the immediate write, but perhaps it should be the music because too much of importance. Laciny considers it rather as: Free after Warhol, it is you rather, when people discuss for 15 minutes about a song and perhaps get upset. Then you’ve done it.

Even with her husband, she has discussed a lot about this Album, at noon, in the kitchen or in bed at night, happens, of course, inevitably, husbands and wives. And, a fortiori, if the husband is also a musician, a very well-known on top of that: Marteria, a Rapper, a chart-topping. What unifies their music is entirely of the language. Jadu is not “the wife” wants to be not just “more than the wife of”. But an independent artist.

Statement to the rescue

the “Annoying left banter”: Fans attack Marteria because of Facebook-call

Why Jadu absolutely the militants must choose texts in which the morning star chains dangle and depressed people are in your personal “death strip” and love in blue eyes expressed? Lyrics, the you distilled mainly from their life and the lives of friends and even of some among them, the reaction is not got: That is….

But in addition to the motive of the provocation of this imagery have to do with your life, she says. I feel always like a fight. “I had to prove myself harder than others”. In the school, at that time, lower Saxony, province of, she was the only Afro-German girl, heard on top of that, Marilyn Manson and wore black clothes. Teachers were not ashamed to say Negro. Later she went to Berlin, also, in the mass dive. You took a Job here and there. Extras roles and the guitar in the case of Chefket played, all summer long. Most recently, she worked as a real estate agent. Time and time again they lived self-depressive phases. This is also a topic that has processed to a Song, because you will find that you can talk about it and without shame.

Again on a war footing with yourself,

no PAL, there to you help if you fall

I’m not already in the “death strip”

in recent years, regarded it as a discovery phase for your music, before you had the life experience that had the self-awareness, to write something like that. What’s going on would be because, actually, the question comes up Yes, somehow, inevitably, would now sing a blonde, biodeutsche woman these Songs? Probably the hell is going on. Yesyou know, of course, “Motto: I can allow myself, because I look like this.” But also pays in the category view, and a stamp. And the plays Laciny.

Gig in Amsterdam

This marriage proposal at the concert of Casper and Marteria is the most beautiful Video of the day

you can’t read music, write her Songs by ear. She plays melodies on guitar, sometimes on piano, the strings of a computer program to write. When she wanted to record three Songs with an orchestra and the conductor asked her about grades, she had to fit. Finally, the conductor wrote to her, and his orchestra in a note book.

There’s a song that irritated particularly, it describes the relationship between Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. At this point, some listeners are probably on the Battlements. Why a platform? You will find, in the relationship, much to put of what had happened. “It starts so sweet and ends in a disaster.” As soon as you are falling to your Charmer, you no longer question. A Wwarning, even for today.

“I’m not scared of confrontation”

Here, Jadu says she wanted to make a political Album, none with a direct Message. “The people should and are allowed to classify themselves.” In a Video staged as a hunter, heads to a man, their trophy, and weapons. Militant Feminism? Was so thinking, this is what am talking out of her. For you it is, of course, that women can use these motifs in the same way as men.

But this language, uniforms, weapons, war metaphors, that is, the freedom of art and food for thought or not, not glorifying violence? Giado finds no. “But I am also not afraid of confrontation.” She is a weapons opponent, but in the sports club. The world is not always linear, it is often tricky quite nice. Laciny it is also. This is a risk, no question. “The artists that I think are good, are understood to be churning out wrong.” But sometimes the risk is worth more than the safe way.